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Solo en Off: Gildo Insfrán’s “inflatable” solution for the difficult summer of Formosans

After an intense year of work, the governor of Formosa, Gildo Insfran, took advantage of the summer heat and took a few days off in a five-star hotel in Mar del Plata. The narrow victory in the legislative elections and the political problems with the Casa Rosada due to the questioning of its strict quarantine measures against the coronavirus seemed to be forgotten for a few days, although indignation grew in his province after knowing a new and curious “work” of the management of Insfrán, which began back in 1995 and does not yet have an expiration date. The installation of an inflatable structure on the shore of Laguna Oca, which some called “ballplayer”, caused some ironies and a lot of anger in opposition media such as Radio Parque, which questioned the governor for not doing “real works” and trying to satisfy residents and tourists with an improvised structure, instead of more investments. solid in infrastructure and a greater cultural offer for locals and foreigners.

The inflatable mounted in Laguna Oca, Formosa

While the news spread like wildfire in the local media, Formoseños faced two general power outages in four days, which combined with the extremely high temperatures that occurred in the last hours throughout the country turned the province into hell. oblivious to the claims, Insfrán posted a congratulations to the town of San Hilario on Friday, on its 120th anniversary, although an indiscreet camera discovered it in an exclusive hotel in the so-called happy city. Beyond the extreme zeal that his custodians put in the intimacy and privacy of the governor’s actions, images of his rest circulated, distant from the exotic destinations chosen by other national officials such as the head of PAMI, Luana Volnovich, but equally irritating for their silence in the face of the energy crisis in their province.

“It is estimated that Insfrán will return to Formosa in a few days when it is his birthday (next Wednesday) to be greeted by the militancy on the fifth floor of the Government House with the corresponding photo to raise on social networks,” he wrote ironically. journalist Leonardo Fernandez Acosta on the website Periodismo Profesional, linked to the opposition in Formosa.

These are not easy days for Hugo Moyano, the union leader and also president of Independent. Precisely, the Avellaneda club has become a constant headache for the trucking leader, since economic problems and the flight of key soccer players in recent days are compounded by the tenacious insistence of the opposition, led by “famous as the journalist Fabian Doman and the leader of Pro Christian Ritondo, insists on Justice so that they are allowed to participate in the elections to renew authorities, for now suspended.

Eduardo Dominguez, Rolfi Montenegro, and Hugo Moyano.
Eduardo Dominguez, Rolfi Montenegro, and Hugo Moyano.Twitter @Independent

“We offered them to spend everything for February in the conciliation hearing, but they do not want us to participate in the election,” said one of the members of the list that faces Moyano father and his son Pablo, also involved in club politics. The curious thing is that, in his private talks with opposition leaders, Moyano would have manifested himself more inclined to an agreement. “The problem is Yoyo”, they say in reference to Hector “Yoyo” Maldonado, for years Moyano father’s right-hand man in political and union activity and today general secretary and possible heir in the Buenos Aires club. In charge of negotiating contracts and with access to definitions, Maldonado is the one who would most strongly oppose elections in the short term. “It must be that they don’t want elections because they know they’re losing,” another member of the opposition chided.

The former governor of Buenos Aires Maria Eugenia Vidal and the mayor of Lanús, Nestor Grindetti, both purebred macristas, defended opposite positions in the recent debate for the re-election of the mayors. “I don’t know why it gets bad if she went to the city,” Grindetti shook his party partner, after Vidal harshly criticized the modification of the law that prevented the current Buenos Aires mayors from going for a third period consecutive in 2023.

Maria Eugenia Vidal
Maria Eugenia VidalMauro Alfieri

In any case, and beyond the fact that mutual resentments continue -and will continue for a long time- the now national deputy for the city of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires mayor exchanged good wishes for this 2022 and agreed to have a coffee in the coming weeks . “They are two good people, there will be good vibes,” they predicted about one of them, who hopes that looking to the future, and the possibility of being a government in 2023, will help reconciliation.

Diners at the Fayer restaurant, in the Palermo neighborhood, hardly noticed his discreet presence, hidden by the light of the candles on the tables. But mario montato, that former Montonero youth militant who long ago became a prosperous businessman, appeared this week to taste, together with his family, the Middle Eastern cuisine, which is the restaurant’s specialty.

mario montato
mario montato

With its walls adorned with photos of David Ben Gurion, the first ruler of the Hebrew State, and references to Jewish culture such as the film Los Gauchos Judíos, in the premises were not surprised by the presence of Montoto, current president of the Argentine-Israeli Chamber of Commerce. With unbeatable ties to Israel and Argentine politicians, and also owner of the Codesur company, dedicated to security, Montoto met less than two months ago with the Argentine ambassador Sergio Urribarri, in Tel-Aviv. “We analyze this situation and evaluate projects and strategies for the post-pandemic, to continue strengthening the bond,” Urribarri summed up the end of the meeting at the Argentine embassy in that country.

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