May 15, 2022 12:53 pm

Separate prosecutor: he is an anti-vaccine activist and was investigating the death of a woman immunized with AstraZeneca

The controversy that began on social networks where it was argued that the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine It contained graphene, a substance made up of carbon atoms and which is obtained from the graphite of pencil leads, had a derivation in court. The Attorney General of San Martin started him an administrative summary to the prosecutor Carlos Insaurralde, an official who until today was in charge of a file investigating the death of a woman who died after being immunized against the coronavirus.

This was reported to THE NATION judicial sources. Insaurralde is an anti-vaccine activist, as can be seen from a video where his participation in a mobilization against drugs was recorded and in a WhatsApp audio, in which he assured that he had verified “from official sources” that the serum had graphene.

The prosecutor summarized in a demonstration

The decision to open an administrative investigation against the Insaurralde prosecutor was made because the official made public information that he had under investigation and because the file was to be processed in the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) of Culpable Homicides.

“If the death of the patient that gave rise to the investigation was caused by a contraindication to the vaccine, we would be facing the criminal hypothesis of a manslaughter and there is a specialized prosecutor’s office in the Judicial Department of San Martín. In addition, a doctor stated that the patient died a natural death. In addition, if there was an assumption that there was some responsibility to reproach any health authority of the national government, it is the justice of the federal jurisdiction that has jurisdiction to investigate, “he told THE NATION a legal source.

Although at first, the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (Anmat) had informed the Insaurralde prosecutor in writing that the AstraZeneca vaccine contained graphene, last week he testified as a witness, that is, under oath to tell the true, Patricia Aprea, who works as director of an area of ​​evaluation and control of the public body and He maintained that the drug does not contain graphene and that the mistake had arisen in a “typing error”.

“Since last week, the Insaurralde prosecutor knew that the vaccine did not have graphene and did not clarify his error after having sent audios where he maintained that he had confirmed it,” said a judicial source.

In a WhatsApp audio, whose members would be anti-vaccine militants, the representative of the Public Ministry had said that he knew that there were “more deaths from vaccinated coronaviruses than unvaccinated.”

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