May 17, 2022 8:45 am

Schiaretti insisted on the reduction of withholdings and the end of the stocks on meat exports

CORDOBA.- The governor of Córdoba, John Schiaretti reiterated its request to the Nation of lower agricultural withholdings: “We defend all the productive sectors and we propose lowering the withholdings, putting them in profit accounts and enough of them putting their hands in the pockets of the people of Cordoba”. The expressions were expressed during an act in Río Cuarto, the heart of the province’s humid pampas.

Along the same lines, he also stated that limitations on meat exports should be ended. “Stop the meat trap, stop the biofuels law that harms us, and let us plant our support for the technological pole so that there is quality employment”.

At the beginning of December, Schiaretti attended the celebration organized by the members of the Cordovan Liaison Table, where he also spoke about the issue and ratified his alliance with rural producers, the sector most at odds with Kirchnerism.

On that occasion, he stated that in 2021 Córdoba contributed “$270,000 million in withholdings to the National Treasury” and described the withholdings as an “absurd tax”. “They penalize Cordovan production. That money must remain in Córdoba and circulate in Córdoba. It is silver from Córdoba”, he stated. And he added: “What corresponds, in a country that pretends to be federal, is that Edenor, Edesur and Aysa do not receive more subsidies and are the responsibility of the AMBA.”

Days later, also with the rural leaders, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Sergio Busso, stated that it would be “very good” to start 2022 “without any restrictions and eliminating withholdings, especially on beef exports if we want to encourage livestock farming.”

Regarding biofuels, before the replacement in Congress, the four deputies that made up the non-Kirchnerist Peronist block from Córdoba, Alejandra Vigo, Claudia Márquez, Carlos Gutiérrez and Paulo Cassinerio, and Alejandro Rodríguez from Buenos Aires, presented a project to modify the law approved in mid-2021.

The key request is that the standard establishes the floor of 12% (6% for corn bioethanol and 6% for sugar cane) and that no official can modify it downwards, yes upwards.

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