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Netflix in 4K UHD quality: how to access a cinema image in your home

The popular streaming platform Netflix enabled a few months ago in Argentina the possibility of seeing all its content in a new and improved image quality: 4K Ultra HD. However, the option is not available to any type of user.

4K Ultra HD technology can be found in the latest televisions and means a four times improvement in resolution and picture quality over current HDTVs. It can reach 3840×2160 pixels (an equivalent of up to eight million pixels), which in other words means that you can access the image quality of a cinema but in the comfort of home.

Not all Netflix subscribers can enjoy 4K UHD content

But nevertheless, not all Netflix subscribers you can enjoy this amazing improvement. First you have to make sure you have the most expensive plan on the platform, and then you have to have the device compatible with this technology.

The first step is to check which monthly Netflix plan we are paying for. The platform offers three plans with different features and services but, in order to take advantage of 4K Ultra HD, it is necessary to contract the Premium.

Netflix plans in Argentina
Netflix plans in Argentina

The Basic plan costs $379 (without taxes) and includes the ability to watch series and movies on a single device, download content on a single cell phone or tablet, and is not compatible with HD resolution or higher.

The Standard plan costs $639 (without taxes), allows you to view content on two devices simultaneously, download content to two tablets or cell phones, and supports HD resolution.

The Premium plan costs $939 (without taxes), allows you to download content and watch it on up to four devices simultaneously and is the only compatible plan with 4K+HDR resolution.

Once the corresponding plan has been chosen, you must have the equipment that allows you to watch series and movies in resolution 4K Ultra HD. As a basic rule of thumb, a TV or computer monitor should be 60Hz compatible with Ultra HD streaming.

The platform has a list of all devices compatible with this technology: the new Smart TVs from Hisense, LG, Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba y Vestel; and from the world of computers: from Windows, in Microsoft Edge, or in the Netflix app for Windows 10 and on Mac, in Safari on MacOS 11.0 or later.

Netflix movies and series can now be viewed in 4K UHD
Netflix movies and series can now be viewed in 4K UHDNetflix

Fulfilling the requirements previously indicated, with the image quality set to “automatic” you will be able to access the best possible resolution. Although you always have to take into account one detail: the speed of your connection. If it is slow, no device, however new it may be, will be able to show you the content with the definition you are looking for.

If you watch Netflix from PC and want to set the image quality, just you have to open the web version of the platform in your browser, enter your profile, place the cursor over your profile picture, in the upper right corner, and click on “Account”. Once there, you have to slide down and click on your profile, click on “Playback Settings” and select the desired image quality: automatic (depends on the connection speed), under, medium The alto.

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