May 15, 2022 10:27 am

Neither the coast nor the South: the other national destination that, despite the wave of infections, is experiencing a tourist boom

CORDOBA.- The third wave of coronavirus and the contagion speed of the omicron variant are not obstacles for the second fortnight of this month is even better than the first in terms of tourism this province. Last weekend there was destinations with 98% occupancy, Meanwhile he average in the district is 90%, according to data from the Córdoba Tourism Agency.

The average spending per day and per person is $5,250, if you take into account accommodation, meals, excursions and transportation. Visitors stay around five days and They come mainly from the province of Buenos Aires, the city of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe.

“We are with very good occupation in the province, with some places almost full. And that makes us very happy, because we have worked hard, and we continue to do so, for the reactivation of the sector”, he states. Esteban Aviles, president of Cordoba Tourism Agency. In Traslasierra –the destination that has grown the most in recent years and the one most chosen by visitors– occupancy varies between 95% and 98%. In this region, stand out Mina Clavero, Villa Cura Brochero, Nono and San Javier.

The average occupancy was 90%, with peaks of 98%, in Villa General Belgrano and Los Reartes. Are registered similar figures in the northeast, with Miramar –with its salty lagoon– as an undisputed “star”. The accommodations in that locality had to refer visitors to other destinations, because they were overwhelmed.

In the Punilla Valley, Villa Carlos Paz it had an average of 91.5% with a lot of attendance at the theaters. This gave oxygen to the producers of shows that are going through a season that they define as “rare”. Not only were there works that had to suspend functions due to Covid-19 infections, but the extreme heat of the last ten days – according to the organizers – threatened public attendance.

In the north, the Dressage and Folklore Festival of Jesús María – which last night had to be suspended due to rain – caused hotel occupancy to reach 95.5%. It ends today to give way, next Saturday, to Cosquín National Folklore Festival. Beyond the speeches and promises of compliance with protocols, in all the events there are crowds and, in most cases, without the use of masks.

The difficulties in enforcing the minimum requirements to avoid contagion are repeated throughout the province. In the last few days, images and videos of adolescents who took over the main beaches of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita. the city mayor, Claudio Chavero said: “Obviously we work a lot in the health area, but the boys want to be together, they want to be without distancing and well….”.

In statements to Radio University , the communal chief remarked: “The behavior of the young people last year and this year has been very, very good. Of course asking for distance, it is impossible in that sense. He stated that they doubled the testing and vaccination centers.

This weekend there were also thousands of people at the Bum Bum Festival with which the quartet singer, Carlos “La Mona” Jiménez, celebrated his 55 years with music. Some 30,000 attendees gathered to watch artists such as L-Ghent, Los Caligaris, Free Ladies and Karina, “the little princess”.

Videos were published on social networks in which it is seen that there was no social distancing or use of chinstraps. The relaxation of care is total in this type of massive event, where the health pass is requested to enter, but nothing more.

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