May 15, 2022 8:26 am

Marcelo Polino said goodbye to Team Flor between laughter, claims and an unexpected pearl

“Today is the last day of our colleague, Marcelo Polino. I’m not going to cry, eh…”, anticipated Florencia Peña, minutes before the end of this Monday’s program and while presenting a video with the best moments of the journalist in the cycle team flower. Although the host announced the end of her program a few days ago, Polino had already advanced her decision to resign due to a work commitment she has in Chile and today was her farewell.

“The other day you told me some beautiful things that now I am going to return to you,” Peña told him after seeing the emotional tribute in images. “Something that happens to me with you, Poli, is that in addition to being a great colleague and a good friend, you are very funny. It was very nice to share every morning with you, we have laughed a lot at things that we can tell and others that we will never do because they have to do with our intimacy. For me it was beautiful to share with you. I told you on the phone that day I found out you were going to be there and I’m telling you now. I hope that we have many more jobs ahead of us together because you are a beautiful person, a great colleague and a great professional”, expressed the actress very excited.

After listening to her carefully, Polino took the floor: “I’m leaving happy, I have a commitment in another country (in Chile) that’s why I’m leaving the program and I’m leaving. But I had a really nice year and a bit, we have shared good things and also complicated by the pandemic or family things and we were always there to bank. I have nothing but words of thanks for the entire group and the entire channel. The last days that I spent Covid were all present, I felt very accompanied, so happy for this team flower. In addition, since I am successful, having been in the most watched program during all this time … I am going up there, my love, ”he said, throwing him a stick to his former competitor Ángel De Brito.

Team flower, months ago when they celebrated their first year on screenphone

His colleagues also wanted to join in the farewell and shared what it was like to work all this time with the ambassador of MasterChef Celebrity. “The first thing I am going to do is file a complaint. You, Mr. viewer, do not realize it, but every time this chronicler talks about the police, Polino cracks,” said Paulo Kablan, laughing. Already with a serious tone, the police journalist confessed: “The truth is that it is very nice to work with you, Polino, it is very nice to have you around. You are a great friend and we are almost neighbors, so I am going to ring the bell at your house, “he warned, realizing that they were not going to stop seeing each other.

Noe Antonelli He also dedicated a few words to him and stressed how much he will miss him. “The truth is that we had never worked together, but I always had a professional admiration for you. People have to understand that this is a show where we have fun and that’s why maybe we’re a little bit distressed by these goodbyes because It is a program in which we really have a good time and what they see is genuine, we generate links and we love each other”, he clarified.

“Polino always worked as a bad guy on TV, but you could tell that this character was funnier than he really is. Working in team flower I not only met the best Polino on earth but also a hyper generous person. You are good people so you deserve all the success in the world in whatever you do. It makes me very angry not to be able to work with you anymore, I’m going to insist a lot to continue working together. I love you and thank you for brightening up our mornings”, shared the panelist.

“Thanks a lot. save this for me tape that I want to take it. It is a tribute in life”, Polino launched, who even has his own song written by Panam. While reminiscing stories the guest of the day, Julieta Ortega, also revealed how much they love the journalist in their family. “My mother loves Polino because he is Matilda’s godfather and my mother is the godmother,” said Palito’s daughter. “So we’re almost family,” he joked. However, an unexpected question broke the emotional climate of farewell, which ended in a sea of ​​laughter.

“Does Luciana dye her hair or not? [por Salazar] a Matilda?”, Antonelli asked the actress about the subject that was all the rage on social networks in recent days. After a resounding “no”, the panel began to debate live and Polino complained on air: “Guys, it was my tribute in life because I was leaving and they are fighting for my goddaughter. Juli, they won’t leave me alone even on the last day. I thought they were going to cry, that relatives were going to come in and nothing. The closest thing they found to my family was you, Julieta; Matilda’s aunt”, Salazar’s close friend joked.

While the driver did a MEA culpa and he recognized that they should have brought the little girl as a surprise, Tomas Dente interrupted to say that he had Salazar’s word. However, the model’s audio was not as expected. “The truth is that I am used to hatred, resentment, all the barbarities that have been said about me for a long time. I feel very sorry for people who have nothing to do but attack other people, but I am surprised that they do it with a minor, “explained Salazar while the rest of the team exploded with laughter.

“I thought he was sending a greeting to me, you are in another program, baby,” Polino rebuked him, laughing, at his colleague. “You screwed up the farewell,” added Peña, very tempted and almost unable to speak.

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