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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, soap opera in paradise

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Curves arrive at the paradise of Kim Kardashian after starring in the most civilized divorce that is remembered with Kanye West. After a fateful 2020 for their relationship, the couple decided to separate after six years of marriage and start legal proceedings for divorce after months of dragging sentimental problems. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until Kim, 41, made public her courtship with Pete Davison, 28, and famous for his participation in the television show ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Pete Davison

The businesswoman rebuilt her life and definitively left the rapper out of her heart. A situation that the singer who has acquired a property in Hidden Hills, in Los Angeles, just in front of the house in which his ex-wife currently resides, does not quite accept.

But Kim Kardashian begins to get tired of having her ex-husband as a neighbor and listening to his constant complaints about visits to their children. In a recent interview, Kanye West complained that she does not allow him to enter the house when Pete Davison is invited, something that the influencer’s circle denies. “Pete still doesn’t know his kids and when he comes to Los Angeles, he stays at the Beverly Hills Hotel,” says a source close to Kardashian. Yet Kanye insists Davison is the reason he wasn’t invited to his eldest daughter’s birthday party.

violent behavior

In an interview posted online from his Hidden Hills home, the singer admitted to having a violent outburst on Saturday night, when he punched a fan who had asked for his autograph, and blamed his ex and new partner for his violent behavior. “This week, when I went to pick up my children from school, a security team stopped me. They can’t keep me away from my family.”

In the video, Kanye says that “a bodyguard can’t stop me from going to my daughter’s room to say goodnight.” The rapper blames all this controversy on Pete Davison: “I heard that my ex-wife’s new boyfriend is in the same house that I am not allowed to enter”; and goes on to say: «and that is where I rebel because I am not going to allow my children to appear on social networks without my permission».

Kim upset and sad

For her part, Kim is upset and very saddened by her ex-husband’s public protests. “Kim would like her not to talk about her children, because it is a private matter,” the businesswoman’s spokeswoman told ‘People’ magazine; “Kanye just can’t go into his ex-wife’s house without her permission,” adding, “Kim has a right to privacy and is trying to set some healthy boundaries.” Sources close to the businesswoman, designer, ‘influencer’ and television star do not understand why the rapper has this behavior knowing that, in addition, he has also started a new relationship with actress Julia Fox after meeting her in Miami earlier this year.

Rap against Pete Davidson

Kanye takes advantage of his microphone to use his music against Pete Davidson. In a new song with ‘The Game’ titled Eazy, the 44-year-old rapper expresses his feelings about the Saturday Night Live star who has been in a relationship with his ex for several months. In a new track, released Friday, West references his 2002 near-fatal car accident and raps, “God saved me in that accident / Just so I could punch Pete Davidson’s butt.” After Davidson’s name is mentioned, a woman’s voice, who closely resembles his ex-wife’s, is heard saying “Who?”. West also raps that his house will have different rules for his four children: North, 8, Saint, 6, Chicago, 3½, and Psalm, 2½. “I have love for nannies, but the royal family is better / When the cameras look at the children, they don’t get their credits. Non-custodial dad, bought the house next door / What do you think is the point of being really rich? Boujee and unruly, everyone needs to do some chores / Rich kids, this is not your mom’s house, “slides the singer who actually lives in the house next to his estranged wife. Referencing his decision to buy the house across the street, Kanye raps, “I’ma turn up the music, wake up the neighbors.” West has been dating actress Julia Fox after meeting her in Miami earlier this year.

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