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Julia Janeiro’s surprising statement on her new social network



Since he came of age last April, Julia Janeiro It has been on everyone’s lips, although the young woman has always preferred to stay out of all the controversies. Mary Joseph Campanario He has already advanced his eldest daughter’s intention not to belong to the media, contrary to Juls’s dream, which is none other than to dedicate himself professionally to social networks. More than 230 thousand followers on Instagram, the daughter of Jesulin of Ubrique It has been released in this to promote products, and not only that. Juls, who has taken his role as influence seriously, TikTok has been opened Y She has released it in a big way with her current boyfriend Tommy Rossi.

The new fashion influencer – Lagencia-Crush

Juls has posted a video on TikTok where, in a fun sketch, “Renews” his relationship with the young Italian footballer. you can see the video
. this popular sketch has gone viral and there are many couples who have been encouraged to do so, for example, the influence Marta Diaz and her boyfriend Sergio Reguilon.

Don't miss the video here
Don’t miss the video here – Lagencia-Crush

As if it were a football renovation, Julia hands Tommy a “renewal contract” for a new season with “the dramas,” as she calls herself, then gives him a T-shirt with her name on it and poses for the official photo. As you can see, their relationship is going from strength to strength.

Since the couple was confirmed, Juls has been very discreet about their relationship. Let us remember that the young woman, not long ago, was involved in a controversy with his ex Brayan Mejía, which after their breakup ended up in court accusing him of threatening her. Therefore, we are excited to see that Juls is turning the page and enjoying his new love. For his part, the young man continues to live in Madrid, where he has resumed his studies and continues to focus on passing the exam to obtain a driving license.

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