May 17, 2022 7:25 am

Inaem technicians call three new strikes against Culture: “Iceta, leave if you don’t have FP”




Shouting “Iceta, leave if you don’t have FP”, some thirty Inaem technicians announced this Monday in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture three new days of strike that will put new releases in check at the end of January and the end of February. If last year the Platform of Technicians and Technicians Affected by the OEP18 managed to suspend seventy functions with their protests, at the beginning of 2022 they are determined to keep the pulse of the ministry if it continues without responding to their demands.

To make their discomfort visible, the technicians met today in Madrid’s Plaza del Rey and, between shouts, brandished several threads made up of the employment contracts that many of them have been chaining throughout these years.

In some cases, they denounce, their working lives are explained in a succession of temporary contracts for fifteen years. «Each thread is the contracts that a single person has had in recent years with Inaem. We are talking about strips that range from twelve contracts to fifty”, they said.

Now, close to two hundred workers could lose their jobs. The reason is the same that led them to rise up against the ministry a few months ago: the next public call for employment will be made in accordance with the criteria stipulated in the Fourth Single Agreement of the State Administration, which obliges opponents to prove a specific qualification of its specialty in superior degree of Professional Formation.

The two hundred affected technicians do not have this qualification that the Civil Service and unions agreed on in 2019, for two reasons: because these qualifications did not exist when these technicians prepared for their positions and because many of them have other –unofficial– titles, which are the that have been required these years for positions such as machinery, lighting, props or tailoring. “Today there is no regulated education to be a performing arts technician,” they denounce.

At the end of 21, the Government tried to offer a way out to those affected through the law for the reduction of temporary employment of public administrations. In other words, without changing the requirements of the next public employment offer, the Administration agreed with the UGT, CCOO, CSIF and CIG that technicians with temporary contracts can access permanent positions in the stabilization call, with the requirements of the third agreement, that relax the qualification requirements, and taking into account their work experience.

This public employment offer, according to Inaem, affects all technicians and will convene up to 150 places in all units of the body that manages state theaters. What the body dependent on Culture described as a “historic agreement” is an “alms” for the Platform of Technicians and Techniques Affected by the OEP18. Neither do they believe that figure nor have they received any official communication from the ministry.

The Government remains determined that the 2018 public employment offer maintains the requirements of the Fourth Convention. The 2019 call should also be made before March. According to the platform’s calculations, more than 60 percent of temporary technicians cannot apply for these public job offers because they lack the required qualifications.

“We sincerely regret that you are going home without seeing the performance,” the technicians tell the affected spectators. “It is not our intention to spoil the holidays, and we would never do so without a good reason. You guys miss a show; We are going to lose our jobs.” Theaters such as the Zarzuela, the Valle Inclán, the María Guerrero or the Comedia have been affected by these stoppages.

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