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In the house of the ‘Spanish Pablo Escobar’: “He drew attention to the big cars he was driving”




In the street of San Blas de Burujón, a town in Toledo with only 1,300 inhabitants, the neighbors are shocked when ABC tells them who their neighbor is: “That Paco is ‘the Spanish Pablo Escobar’?” They refer to Francisco, alias ‘Limonero’, arrested by the National Police and considered the largest importer of heroin in Spain.

In May he will turn 71 and is in prison for the Operation Ararat/Roca. He had lived in a one-story house since at least 2008, a year after the first ones were delivered. He lived alone, with the blinds almost always lowered and his children visited him. These were a few days ago to put one of the vehicles that ‘Limonero’ parked on the street in the garage: a “mercedaco” and an SUV, in addition to a modest utility vehicle with which he moved regularly. «Paco drew attention to the big cars he drove -say his neighbors-, but he did not interact much. We saw him just go in and out.”

“Over there!”, his children respond when an acquaintance asks about their father lately. In the street of San Blas they have not seen the ‘Limonero’ for about a month, since before Christmas. «The day they took him away, there were some plainclothes agents all afternoon on the corner, they were waiting for him. They arrested him at night, when he got home. They asked him to open the door and he told them that there were no dogs inside and that they could enter safely. There was no commotion, ”recall their neighbors, some trembling from the impact of the news. «We thought it would be because he had black money, because he had been a street vendor. It’s amazing how people can deceive you.”

“Pablo Escobar died, right?” jokes another patron who joins the conversation. He has heard that Paco had been arrested for carrying a few kilos of heroin, “but people talk a lot.” He is left speechless, however, when he is informed of the reason and the name that the Police have given his neighbor.

In this investigation against heroin trafficking, promoted by the Toledo Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office, Burujón would be one of the vertices of an imaginary triangle. Another is Albarreal del Tajo, six kilometers away along a narrow paved road, a conducive way to move without being detected by the bodies and security forces.

In that silent town, also small and without local police, lives Francisco José, the alleged ‘caletero’ of the organization led by ‘Limonero’ according to the Police. He is free after a police deployment detained him on a Friday night. And he continues to drive his utility vehicle through this town of 700 inhabitants, although the neighbors were struck by an unexpected circumstance: that a family that apparently can’t make ends meet buys a new BMW “all at once”.

15 kilometers from Albarreal has his home Amador, considered the lieutenant of ‘Limonero’. In Barcience they have not been surprised by the arrest of their neighbor, who will be released this afternoon, as confirmed to ABC by his lawyer, Eduardo Estévez, when the Toledo Provincial Court admitted an appeal. The family home is in the same square as the Town Hall of this small municipality of 950 inhabitants and which does not have a local police either. It would be the third vertex of an imaginary triangle in large-scale heroin trafficking in Spain, where Paco ‘Limonero’ seemed to be the king.

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