May 17, 2022 2:37 pm

Health allows you to donate blood 7 days after testing positive for Covid in the face of shortages due to the pandemic



The Ministry of Health changes the protocol and will allow those infected by Covid-19 can donate blood after 7 days from diagnosis if they are in good health, as reported this Monday in a statement. The department led by Carolian Darias makes the decision before blood shortage in hospital banks due to the pandemic.

“The data obtained during the pandemic indicate the no transmission of SARSCoV-2 by transfusion, a fact that allows the selection criteria contemplated until now to be adapted, ”says the Ministry, which emphasizes that the professionals of the blood collection center will be able to assess each case individually.

“The current epidemiological situation is compromising the supply of blood components to hospitals”, warns Health, which urges people “who are in good health” to come to donate blood at the points established for it in each community.

According to the latest records, in 2020, of the population between 18 and 65 years of age, more than one million people donated blood, of which 15 percent did so for the first time. The number of donations made was 1,632,447 (82,580 apheresis), states the Ministry. These donations, he says, have allowed 1,800,000 transfusions to be carried out and more than 457,000 patients have been treated

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