May 15, 2022 2:45 pm

Forecast: how will the weather be in Buenos Aires

A new weather chapter begins in the city. The heat wave is already a sad memory, the cold air is already blowing through the entire estuary removing all the warm and humid air to install a mass of cold and dry air. A sunrise is estimated at 21°C, a minimum that we had abandoned a long time ago, with a moderate wind from the southeast on the surface. Exposure to wind chill, coupled with our bodies’ relatives to much warmer temperatures, is likely to make dawn feel cooler than it actually is. We will be exposed to isolated showers and storms until sunset, maybe if you have to move down the street at some point a short downpour could be linked. Undoubtedly today’s atmospheric title will be the drastic drop in temperature, when you leave home you will notice a completely new air, then the circulation of cold air added to the lack of sun due to the leafy cloudiness will give us an afternoon with an unrecognizable maximum of 24°C, which was not even the minimum of the last few days. The night closes with 21 ° C to go to sleep with the fan on minimum.

for tomorrow is expected a significant intensification of the wind, already with cold gusts from the southeast since dawn. The unstable environment will continue to be at the mercy of rain during the first half of the day. At this height, the new air in our atmospheric column will have been completed and will be noticeable hand in hand with 18°C ​​at sunrise. It will be another day where the thermometer has everything against it, with cold wind and little or no sun, which will translate into a day of limited thermal amplitude, with the mercury barely reaching 23 ° C in the evening. The afternoon could have an attenuation in the wind speed but the gusts would return at night in a closing with 22°C in a less unstable environment.

Follow the “mini autumn” in the estuary with another cloudy day and cool wind. The sunrise will keep the southeast wind, with a low probability of drizzles. A minimum of 19°C is estimated on a morning without sun, but still windy. Towards noon, the circulation of cold air will end to give way to the east wind, which would allow the thermometer to climb a few degrees more in the afternoon, projecting a maximum of 26°C. A windy day is expected, without gusts, but with a sustained strong wind, so the perception of temperature may be lower than what the thermometer says. The low cloud cover will prevent the drop in night temperature in a closure with 24 ° C.

Another day without sun or north wind in the estuary which will continue to keep us away from the heat. A very pleasant thermal sunrise is expected with 20°C output with a low probability of drizzle choppy until noon. The wind moderates with respect to the last days in a day with the vane indicating air from the east throughout the day permanently injecting humidity so that the cumulus clouds continue to be well loaded. A maximum of 26°C is estimated to add one more day to the row of semi-autumn days.

On Friday it will offer several wind directions, at the beginning of the day it will be north, west at noon to end in a new entry of cold air in the evening. The probability of rain will increase again, even leaving the door open to a few isolated thunderstorms since afternoon. We will also return to the path of days with low thermal amplitude with a minimum of 22°C and a maximum of 25°C. It will be an unstable day in all its time slots and the night is still not safe from precipitation.

On Saturday they will take revenge for their last edition of unbearable heat. Mostly cloudy skies will continue with the probability of isolated showers throughout the day. yese expects a day with calm wind and a maximum of 25°C. The autumn spell will also cover a sunless Sunday with a chance of rain and a maximum of 26°C.

That’s all, friends and friends. Several unstable days are coming, with some uncertainty regarding the intensity and schedule of the rains, it may be that some of the days that appear with probability of precipitation end up being a fiasco, in any case we are already satisfied with the water with good accumulated for the storm on Saturday night, which gave us a great help with the issue of drought and wildfires in our area. A full week is coming with unrecognizable temperatures for being January and practically without sun, so we can affirm that, after the excesses of the last few days, summer is canceled until next Monday.

have a great week everyone


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