May 22, 2022 4:24 am

Dani La Chepi spoke about her health: “I’m skinny because I have anorexia nervosa”

Daniela Viaggiamari, better known as Dani La Chepi, driven by the comments left by its youngest users on social networks, She decided to speak openly about her health to raise awareness among the public that follows her. In dialogue with Catalina Dlugi in Hold on Catherine, the program of La Once Diez/Radio de la Ciudad, the influence and brand new driver The goose game He said that he suffers from anorexia nervosa.

“I have a lot of teenage audiences, and the truth is that one shows everything beautiful on social networks,” he was honest, and then told what he suffers: “I’m not skinny because I take care of myself, I’m healthy or I train, I’m skinny because I have anorexia nervosa and that’s not good,” she explained.

The former participant MasterChef Celebrity Argentina He mentioned the comments that, in a certain way, awakened his desire to speak: “Many followers or followers tell me: ‘Oh how beautiful you are, I wish I had your body’, and the truth is that it is not a healthy body. Anorexia nervosa is something I live with. They told me: ‘Oh, it’s good that you can wear your daughter’s leggings, it’s the good thing about having small sizes’. What’s so good about that? Not having the strength to lift your daughter? There’s nothing good about that”, he remarked.

In another section of the talk, La Chepi also spoke about how she takes care of herself to improve daily: “Little by little I try to take things differently, I try to do things to feel better and fight what I have, anorexia is something serious. I go to the doctor, I take care of myself, I anticipate my problems with the intestines, which are serious. I do therapy, I try to calm down, to be calmer. Talking with my psychologist I discovered that the first thing that happens to me is that I project the failure of anything I undertake, I try to change my attitude little by little”, he concluded.

In December of last year, the influencer had alluded, although without wanting to delve too deeply, into her health problems, after receiving criticism for how she appears on the networks. At that time, she chose to record a video to be clear.

“So small and so skinny! How skinny! Pass me something about what happens to you, ”said the driver at the beginning of her release. “What phrase we have stuck in our heads, right? From: ‘Oh, do you want me to pass you? Pass me!’ And you say: ‘Do you want me to give you my quilombos to be like this?’”, he continued. “There are people who hit them for eating when they are anxious, with quilombos, like everyone else. There are people who hit them for not eating and that is my case. This is not health! Being skinny, just like they put me: ‘Oh, I hope I arrive at 42 like you…’. No, I hope I reach 42 alive and with health and happiness Not ‘skinny’!”, he stressed.

The harsh release of Dani La Chepi after the comment of a follower

On the other hand, she referred to the double face of social networks, where she herself garnered enormous popularity. “I must admit that when a follower told me ‘pass me your problems’ I said: ‘This skinny girl sees the stories and says I’m having fun’ No! I pay in installments, this is in installments, like you. I have many problems that I don’t talk about because of my daughter’s privacy. I don’t have to be counting the problems”, she said, visibly upset by the comment she had received.

“I don’t show photos of my dad when I go to see him in the destroyed sanatorium eating for a gastro [alimentación por sonda] eight years ago. I don’t because there is no need. I can tell you that I am sad because I went to see my dad, but there are things I don’t talk about. Nor do I tell them why I work all the time, I don’t have to tell them because it’s mine”, he continued.

To conclude, La Chepi outlined a reflection: “When they see a story of mine or someone else, know that behind that, it’s not that it’s all a lie, behind that there is a life just like yours and sometimes worse than yours”.

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