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Crime in a bowling alley: what the suspects in the murder of Braian Cuitiño declared

Two years after the murder of Fernando Báez Sosa in Villa Gesell, the extreme violence in front of a bowling alley was repeated in Pilar, where a young man was fatally beaten last Friday by a mob. Braian Cuitiño was 22 years old. He was attacked when leaving the Napoleon dance hall, located in Las Magnolias at 800. He would have tried to defend his sister Paula and ended up surrounded by a group of people who attacked him. A woman would have thrown a stone at his head, a situation that caused his death in a circumstance similar to the murder of Ariel Malvino in 2006. Family and friends protested in front of the bowling alley; They clashed with the police when trying to set fire to the premises. Some young people were arrested for the incidents during the claim for justice.

Three suspects were, meanwhile, arrested for the murder of Cuitiño. Security cameras recorded the movement of some of the assailants, who left the area in a Ford Focus. Detectives from the Buenos Aires police identified the owner of that vehicle as Lucas Castillo, 22, who was arrested along with Lucía Daniela Armas, 18, and Ariana Dorssi, 22.

Incidents were recorded in front of the Napoleon bowling alleyCourtesy Pilar Diario

A judicial source explained to Télam that the main hypothesis suggests that Armas would have been the one who hit the victim with a stone; however, he refused to testify during the investigation. While Dorssi stated that she did not hit Braian and that she only intervened to separate her boyfriend from the fight. He did not answer questions from the prosecution.

For his part, Castillo acknowledged that he was at the scene, but denied having participated in the fight. The three were investigated for the crime of “doubly aggravated homicide for being committed with premeditation and treachery and with the participation of more than two people.” They were formally detained by order of the Court of Guarantees 7 of Pilar.

The qualification of the fact is similar to that faced by the eight accused of beating Báez Sosa to death, in Villa Gesell. That death that shocked society will be remembered today in the place where the teenager was murdered, where his parents will be for the first time.

Braian Cuitiño was 22 years old.
Braian Cuitiño was 22 years old.Facebook/Gisell Lucia Lopez

Braian’s death, like that of Báez Sosa, would have originated from a dispute within the bowling alley. Paula, the victim’s sister and who was at the time of the incident, assured: “We left here and there was a gang of women and men. They invited him to fight my brother and he said yes. I tried to calm down, we didn’t know anyone. They told me, look, there are five of us and I told him no, we weren’t going to fight. I started arguing with a girl, she hit me and I hit her back, we grabbed each other and fell to the floor. I don’t know who hit me there. My brother picked me up, I tell him let’s go home. When he leaves they hit him. I didn’t see it, but I know they hit him with a brick.

Cristian Cabrera, cousin of the victim, assured Télam that Braian was beaten “for no reason” and that they took the opportunity to steal some belongings. He also said that the victim had a 10-month-old baby, lived with his wife in the town of San Francisco Solano and that last Thursday he had gone to visit his family in Derqui.

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