May 17, 2022 2:58 pm

Coronavirus Valencia today: protocol for positives, restrictions in force and municipalities at extreme risk of contagion



19:18The doctor who has won against Ximo Puig: «The Generalitat discriminated against doctors because of the place where they worked»Maribel Moya shows its satisfaction after the sentence that condemns the Valencian Government for not vaccinating doctors from private and public health at the same time against the coronavirus.
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19:18The republican magicians celebrate their parade in the center of Valencia and go back up to the municipal balcony
The parade was held in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in the open air, unlike the visit of the Three Wise Men ten days ago, which was moved to the Plaza de Toros due to the situation of the coronavirus.
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19:18These are all the pharmacies in Valencia that do antigen tests and report the positive result to Health
More than 300 pharmacies have already joined the Self-test Assistance Program throughout the province of Valencia.
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19:18This is the accumulated incidence of coronavirus in the twenty most important cities of the Valencian Community
Alcoy and Gandía exceed four thousand positives per hundred thousand inhabitants while Valencia it remains below 2,180 cases.
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Image taken on an avenue in Benidorm – Juan Carlos Soler

19:18When are children infected or confined by coronavirus vaccinated in the Valencian Community?
The Generalitat plans to enable a service of vaccination in each health department where they can receive the dose.
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19:18Ximo Puig reiterates concern about the lack of control of the coronavirus before the end of the restrictions
The measures of the Generalitat to deal with the pandemic such as the covid passport they expire this month in full spread of positives.
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19:18Positive in covid: how to request sick leave due to coronavirus in the Valencian Community
The Ministry of Health enables a web page to request the part with automatic registration in seven days.
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19:18List of all the municipalities of the Valencian Community at extreme risk for the coronavirus
A total of 473 of the 542 Valencian towns exceed 500 infections of Covid-19 for every hundred thousand inhabitants.
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19:18These are the hundred Valencian municipalities with the highest risk of contagion of coronavirus
A total of twenty-six localities exceed the barrier of five thousand positives from Covid-19 for every hundred thousand inhabitants.
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19:18More than 38,000 Valencian schoolchildren have received the vaccine since immunization was resumed this Thursday
A total of 38,024 schoolchildren have been vaccinated against coronavirus in the Valencian Community since the second phase of pediatric vaccination began this past Thursday, coordinated by the departments of Universal Health and Public Health, and of Education, Culture and Sport.
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19:18The booster vaccination advances in the Community: 1.7 million people have received the additional dose
A total of 1,745,961 people have received a booster or booster dose of the vaccine against coronavirus in the Valencian Community, 640,158 of them in Alicante, 228,957 in Castellón and 876,846 in Valencia, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health.
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