May 21, 2022 9:35 pm

Coronavirus Galicia: Hospitalizations for coronaviurs exceed 600

Hospital pressure due to coronavirus admissions continues to increase: the latest Sergas balance, with data collected until Sunday at 6:00 p.m., reports that the total number of patients with Covid in Galician hospitals exceeded the 600 barrier, a figure that is not known. had reached in this sixth wave. Specifically, there are 610 people admitted for complications derived from coronavirus, 41 more than 24 hours ago. However, the ICUs hold out, as there are 54 patients with coronavirus in critical condition, a figure that has not been overwhelmed in recent weeks. Even since Christmas, the number of those admitted to intensive care was around that figure, which shows the low lethality of the Omicron variant combined with widespread vaccination. A year ago, with only 12,508 active cases in Galicia, there were a hundred patients in the ICU. Now, infections in the Community amount to 72,573. In fact, compared to Sunday, there are only 132 more cases of coronavirus in Galicia, slowing down the rapid rise and expansion of the virus in recent weeks. Sergas has also reported that daily infections have dropped to 4,900, while on Sunday they reached almost eight thousand.

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