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“Come to govern”, two faces, Marcos Aguinis

“Come govern Argentina.” I open the newspaper and read that in a casual meeting that Argentine tourists had in the port of Punta del Este with the president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, after congratulating him they asked him to take a picture and told him: “Come govern Argentina” They say that the unconscious speaks in short jokes, in dreams and in failed acts. I wonder what is behind this symbolic request. The first thing that comes to mind is the need that we Argentines have to be led by people of normal life , as well as President Lacalle Pou, a family man who was seen walking through the streets of the resort hand in hand with his wife, Lorena Ponce de León.Not so long ago, Uruguayans looked at us with some envy, since the Argentina was a country that progressed, its inhabitants invested and moved forward. We Argentines were benchmarks in the neighboring country. Today Uruguay has become one of the 10 best countries in the world to live in after retiring, while its inhabitants see our country as an endless novel where every day there is a new event of decadence that passes without consequences. Argentina is large and presents another complexity, but perhaps we would be much better off copying the normality of the neighboring country, where governments have changed, going from Mujica to Lacalle Pou, but the institutions have been respected. How I miss you, Argentina.

Clara Diaz Bobillo

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Gustavo Booth, representative of the Army in the Financial Aid Institute, resigned from his position in the organization and questioned the president of the entity, appointed by Taiana. The minister accepted the resignation, but considered his expressions “inappropriate” and “insulting”.

Admirable that Taiana has been so protocol, when neither he nor the President said anything about the adjectives that the Minister of Justice used to refer to the judges of the Supreme Court.

It’s just about impunity and complicity. Two sides of the same coin.

Maria Isabel DiBiasi

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Only a writer of the intellectual volume and exceptional pen of Marcos Aguinis has been able to summarize Adam Smith’s thought so masterfully as he has done these days in the nation’s columns. Thus, he refers to the famous Scottish thinker by underlining the “prophetic vision” of “an obsessive researcher of ethics” in the framework of his “humanistic concerns”.

Unfortunately, not a few economists ignore Smith’s primary concern and occupation with moral principles. His first work from 1759 is entitled Theory of Moral Sentiments, on which he builds his entire conceptual framework, which he later applies to economics and which Aguinis highlights so well in relation to that professor who left succulent teachings on freedom, from which the greatest value: the unrestricted respect of each one for the life projects of others.

I am flattered that in this context Marcos mentioned my name there, that a long time ago he prefaced one of my books entitled Ruminations of a Liberal and that now we have exchanged ideas in a one-on-one Zoom meeting on YouTube about the disastrous nationalism, precisely the theme repeatedly refuted by Adam Smith in its mercantilist aspect.

Alberto Benegas Lynch (h.)

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“The strength of totalitarian ideology rests on the ability to separate the masses from reality.” I do not remember the authorship of this phrase, but it seemed appropriate to try to interpret another pronounced by President Fernández: “Hopefully this downward path of inflation is sustained,” he said, while it was known that we closed 2021 with a 50, 9% overall consumer price growth.

Does this phrase have the intention of dissociating us from reality or is it that those who govern us have entered a stage of denial of it?

Luis Maria Troncoso

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I attended one of the last performances of the mixed ballet at the Teatro Colón. Without prior information, it was made with music recorded at a very high volume. There are many of us who, if we had known, would not have paid such an expensive ticket to see and hear such a pitiful spectacle. On the other hand, with many people in the audience using their cell phones and without ushers to control such an annoying attitude, since when the show begins they disappear and the room is left without control. For several other reasons, I consider this to be the worst address of the Teatro Colón in the last 50 years.

Ana Maria Cao

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On January 12, at approximately 10, we were left without electricity in an area of ​​the town of Ciudadela Sur. From that moment on, a chain of five claims to the service provider and one to the ENRE began. Then I noticed that a bare cable was coiled around the metal column of the municipal light. Faced with this scenario, I called Edenor again to report this situation of serious danger. I was attended by an inexperienced operator, without the ability to resolve, who gave me a claim number and very naturally asked me to stay online for a satisfaction survey. After seven hours of anxious waiting, a crew from the company showed up to reconnect the downed cables. Unfortunately, food and insulin took room temperature and had to be discarded due to the loss of the cold chain. Faced with these critical situations where life is at risk, can such negligence, inexperience and ineffectiveness be allowed in emergency management?

Jose Maria Bruzzone

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The recorded message of María Julia Oliván with her autistic son for the treatment at Aeroparque

“I am so sorry for what you had to go through. Bravo for making it visible”- Moni Ocare

“This inclusive country has nothing”- Viviana Golzio

“It’s true… they don’t include anything, just language… but disability laws don’t apply”- Patricia Liserre

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