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Celebration of Missionary Childhood Day in Sonseca




The parish of San Juan Evangelista de
, hosted last Sunday the Eucharistic celebration on the occasion of the Missionary Childhood Day, which was presided over by the Archbishop of Toledo, Francisco Cerro Chaves, with the motto ‘Light for the world’.

Together with the prelate, the diocesan delegate for Missions, José Carlos Arellano, and the priests who serve in the parish of Sonseca concelebrated.

The boys and girls of the Sonseca parish prepared the songs for the mass in detail. The children’s choir ‘San Felipe Neri’ was in charge of singing the different songs of the Sunday celebration. Likewise, catechism children from the Sonseca parish carried out the readings of the Eucharist.

Several children from Sonseca also presented the offerings, among which were different ‘sharing piggy banks’, in which they deposited their small donations for the children in the missions.

The destination of these donations, on Missionary Childhood Day, is to provide the missionaries with means so that they can continue with their work for children: maintenance of schools in the most remote places, creation of orphanages, health care , etc.

And in order to continue giving birth to the little ones, Monsignor Cerro delivered his homily in a catechetical manner and in dialogue with all the children participating in the Eucharist. “I am very happy to be here, seeing this Church full of children,” said the prelate.

Don Francisco explained that in the coming days, from February 22 to March 3, he will visit two mission sites in Peru, linked to the Archdiocese of Toledo: Moyobamba and Lurín. He will do so accompanied by the diocesan delegate of the Missions.

«What you, as children, have in the parish, has not reached all places: the announcement of the Good News». This is how the archbishop exhorted the children participating in this missionary day. He also recalled that the initiative for this Missionary Childhood Day is from the Pope, through the Pontifical Mission Societies.

Francisco Cerro explained the meaning of this day and recalled that “missionaries are those who have had a profound encounter with the Lord and take Jesus to the ends of the earth. They work like this because where Jesus is not there is no life, there is no joy, there is no hope».

Also on Sunday afternoon, the parish of Santa María de Altagracia in the town of
It must
It was the place of celebration of the prayer vigil, on the occasion of the Missionary Childhood Day.

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