May 16, 2022 12:39 pm

Carmen Barbieri, again with Covid: “I almost died when I saw the positive”

“Good morning to everybody. An unusual Monday. You will say: ‘What are these two standing here doing?’ Carmen is not here ”, Estefanía Berardi launched as soon as it started this Monday very morning. Immediately, the panelist gave the floor to her partner Pampito Perelló Aciar, who explained the true reasons for the absence of the host of the Ciudad Magazine cycle. “Okay, unfortunately Carmen Barbieri tested positive for covid, we found out last night”, commented the journalist.

“I had a little sore throat. Last week they swabbed all of us and we came back negative, but on Sunday she was talking to the production and she had a bit of a hoarseness. Our executive producer decided to send a swab to her home and the truth is that we did not expect it to be positive. ANDShe is a little tired and has a sore throat. She is followed by her doctor, because remember that she had a very bad time with this issue”, said the panelist.

Minutes later, Barbieri contacted his program to tell how this new contagion is going and bring peace of mind to viewers. “On Saturday I wasn’t feeling well, I was sweating a lot, but it was so hot that I thought that was it. Besides, I was dysphonic and I thought it was the air conditioning. On Sunday I felt worse and Eugenia (our producer) told me to hisopen. I never thought it would be Omicron, I didn’t imagine it”, reported the capocómica by phone.

I almost died when I saw the positive. I had a seizure because it scares me. I was on the verge of death, so bad. This time it caught me like a flu, my head hurts, my throat hurts, I have a fever of 37.5, my whole body aches, I have a little cough, I’m limp, dizzy and I sweat a lot, like a strong flu“, he pointed.

After clarifying that thanks to the vaccination the symptoms are milder than the previous time, Barbieri did not rule out the possibility of hospitalization. “Thanks to the three vaccines, it made me feel lighter. Last night I didn’t want to call my doctor because I said: ‘Let’s see if he sends me an ambulance and wants to hospitalize me’. Not because I’m serious, but to get a general check-up. Now I’m going to talk to him, let’s see what he decides, “he revealed.

While claiming to be very accompanied, the driver warned that a few days ago her son Federico Bal also had the disease. “Fede had covid and he has already done the 10 days of isolation, they have already discharged him. Now he’s going to stop by the house to bring me some medicine. Then he goes to eltrece because he replaces (Darío) Barassi in 100 Argentines say. I was going to go on Thursday to play, but well…”, he lamented.

Before saying goodbye, he thanked his entire team at Ciudad Magazine for caring about his health and putting up with him until his return. “I am alone but accompanied by all of you. They leave me messages, super careful. The truth is that I thank everyone, the production, my friends, my family”, she concluded excitedly.

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