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Ayuso also shields himself and avoids applying Pilar Alegría’s controversial decree that irritates teachers




The Community of Madrid will publish at the end of this month the call for oppositions for nearly 5,500 public positions for Primary teachers and Secondary and FP teachers for the next two courses, they have announced in a statement.

The controversial royal decree that the Government wants to approve soon and that has irritated teachers for considering it contrary to the principles of equality, ability and merit defended by the Constitution will not be applied to this joint call, as reported in ABC, Maria Miedes, spokesperson for ‘Teachers for Justice’, a platform created to express dissatisfaction with the content of the law, which is still a draft.

It is a regulation, agreed the Minister of Education, Universities and Science, Enrique Osorio, “tremendously unfair, especially for those well-prepared applicants who want to apply for the process and barely have any experience.”

The draft royal decree leaves those teachers who are fully trained but have little experience at a disadvantage compared to long-term interns, who are rewarded for it (because experience counts more than ever) and are even exempt from the exam to access the square. For temporary teachers, as indicated in the draft, the Ministry of Education has established an exceptional call for merits that exempts them from taking the traditional examination for access to the public teaching function. As a second option, Education plans to carry out a contest-opposition in which the practical phase is eliminated at a stroke. As if all this were not enough, the opposition part is no longer eliminatory: with more than 5, it is approved and goes to the contest.

“We consider that this system is not fair and directly attacks the strategy of the Community of Madrid, which is committed to the best prepared and most deserving teachers who obtain their place,” explained the counselor.

It is not the first community to come forward to avoid applying the controversial royal decree. It was already announced by Galicia, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Aragón, Extremadura and La Rioja. Valencian Community (it will exceed 650 places and will focus on the specialties of the body of teachers, sources from the Ministry of Education have indicated), Navarra and Asturias have already done so.

Specifically, the Madrid Executive will convene the oppositions for 1,625 public positions for Primary teachers in 2022, in tests that will begin next June, while another 1,851 will be for Secondary, Vocational Training and Special Regime bodies for 2023, adding altogether 3,476. To these figures we must add the next Public Employment Offer (OEP), which includes some 2,000 more places for teachers, with which around 5,500 will be reached. The regional Executive has already communicated the decision to the unions present at the sectoral table (CCOO, ANPE, CSIF and UGT).

Applicants who pass the Primary test this summer will join public schools in Madrid in September of the next school year 2022/23, while Secondary and Special Regime students will do so at the beginning of 2023/24.

educational MIR

The opponents of the next call will be the first class to carry out the Comprehensive Teacher Training Plan -Educational MIR- initiative that the Madrid Government will apply in the next school year 2022/23, with specific, qualifying and evaluable training for new teachers and teachers during their first year in the educational system.

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