May 22, 2022 8:13 am

Antonio Gasalla reappeared: “For now I’m still breathing”

This weekend, Antonio Gasalla went to the Multitabaris to enjoy witches, the play starring Thelma Biral, Nora Cárpena, Moría Casán, María Leal and Sandra Mihanovich. At the end of the function, the humorist was surprised by the cameras of intruders, to whom he granted a few minutes of his time to talk a little.

For now I’m still breathing, I have life. I stopped working a little, but they are things of life”, replied the actor, whose last television appearance had been in 2020.

“The times I walked down Calle Corrientes, a few months ago, everything was very strange, there was no street light. It was hard for me to come here and realize that in a theater there is a show, and another, and another… I’m looking for a big poster like in another time but I don’t know what is the work that is in orbit”, he said with a certain nostalgia from other times.

Away from the cameras and the stages, Gasalla stated that he enjoys the slower pace of life. “It’s one thing to tell you what I want to keep doing, but really today I don’t have that thing of wanting to go to a theater and go crazy. I made the clothes, I directed, I organized what time we had a function, I still have that in me, but there is no nothing inside me that tells me: ‘keep going, work’”, He acknowledged when the chronicler asked him if he wanted to return to the stage.

“I look forward to the future, because I am not stupid, nor am I a bad person with myself. I want to continue living, but I chose what to do with myself. Today I continue to read every day”, he revealed about his routines.

In the middle of the talk, the comedian gave the journalist from Intruders, Alejandro Guatti, advice. “When you grow up, remember that having a good time is something you have to do with yourself”, he reflected. “From outside they can love you and treat you, but if you don’t put together your way of being, what you want now and what you want tomorrow, what you don’t like and what you want to get rid of, it doesn’t work. When you get bitter it’s because you don’t know what the hell to do, find a way around it, “he concluded.

During 2021, upon turning 80, Gasalla reflected on his present in an exclusive talk with LA NACION. “Luckily I’m pretty good. I have the things that come with the ages, but I do gymnastics every day with a teacher who comes to my house. And I read a lot of books. Books and more books,” he revealed.

“The way the theater is today, I wouldn’t go back. Another thing would be to make a movie”, assured the star then, although he also recognized that the cinema is not his thing. “Cinema costs me a lot. Doing single scenes is a very different technique from other forms of acting”, admitted the star of hits like Waiting for the float and two brothers.

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