May 17, 2022 3:17 pm

Another little boy was suffocated by his mother

A two year old He was found dead, presumably due to suffocation in his house in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Parque Patricios and as part of the investigation his mother was arrested, who had been denounced for threatening to harm herself and her son, whose custody was going to be handed over to the father today, police sources and relatives reported.

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon at a home located on Avenida Caseros at 2400, when the mother of Milo Alexander Derto Guerrero denounced by calling 911 that her two-year-old son could not breathe. Faced with this situation, personnel from the Motorized Police of the 4 A Neighborhood Police Station went to the house and made a sanitary cordon to transfer the child to the Garrahan Hospital, where the doctors confirmed that he had died due to cardiac arrest and that He had wounds compatible with a suffocation mechanism.

After Milo’s death, the Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office 30, in charge of Marcela Sánchez, decided to take a testimonial statement from the doctor who attended the child and the transfer of the mother, identified as Paula Yamila Guerrerro, 29, to the Penna hospital for an interdisciplinary report.

According to sources, The father of the child, who was separated from Guerrero, declared before the uniformed officers that the 29-year-old woman sent him messages and videos in which he threatened to harm herself and the child if they were not in a relationship again..

In turn, the father said that he had already filed a complaint with the Office of Domestic Violence (OVD) and that today they were going to hand over his son to his custody, the spokespersons added.

Given these data, the Criminal and Correctional Court 3, in charge of Osvaldo Bonanno, ordered the search of the woman’s home and her arrest, which was formalized this morning, after which the accused was transferred to Alcaidía 12 B of the City Police. During this procedure, two cell phones, a tablet and various items related to the case, including clothing and pillows, were seized.

Meanwhile, the victim’s aunt, Ayelén, assured in statements to the press that she has no doubts that “Paula was capable” of killing her son.

”There were different situations of violence. She was holding him hostage. Justice failed to notify him in advance by telephone that they were going to take Milo’s possession away from him. There he had time to act and carry out the act he did: it was premeditated, ”he assured in dialogue with the news channel C5N.

Along the same lines, Remo, an employee of a flower shop near the home where the woman lived with her son, told the media that the event was “a chronicle of a death foretold”, since “it was known that the woman mistreated to his children”.

”This was coming. It was noticeable that there was an oversight and a threat towards the children. There were several episodes where she was drunk next to her children. Unfortunately, it was out of control, “said the man, referring to the fact that the woman also has a 10-year-old son.

The cause is currently labeled “doubtful death” and different proceedings are awaited, including the result of the victim’s autopsy, to advance the investigation and determine the circumstances of death.

In Lomas de Zamora a baby was suffocated and her mother and grandmother were arrested for the crimeGETTY IMAGES

This fact is added to another of similar characteristics that occurred last weekend in the Buenos Aires match of Lomas de Zamora, where a 3-month-old baby was strangled and her maternal grandmother was arrested as the main suspect in the crime.

According to judicial sources, Bettina Paola Fabro, 51, the victim’s grandmother, today refused to testify before the prosecutor who charged him with the crime of “aggravated homicide”.

This event occurred on Saturday in the Buenos Aires town of Ingeniero Budge, when the suspect herself took the baby, identified as Ana María Patiño Fabro, already deceased, to the Finochietto hospital, in the southern suburbs.

According to the sources, the doctors found that the victim had injuries to the face and neck, which were the product of a suffocation mechanism, for which the prosecutor in the case ordered the woman’s arrest. At the same time, the baby’s mother, a 17-year-old teenager, was also arrested, but charged with the crimes of “abandonment of person and injuries.”

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