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A road in record time to connect La Palma in 27 days

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After 27 days of work and in record time, has opened the new emergency route that connects the coastal zone of Puerto Naos and La Bombilla with Las Manchas de Abajo and from there with the rest of the island through the LP-2.

The Councilor Sebastián Franquis and the Island Councilor for Public Works, Borja Perdomo, have inaugurated the road, which will be crucial to facilitate a safer and more comfortable connection to residents after the lava flows from the volcano devastated the old roads.

The regional counselor, Sebastián Franquis, has celebrated the opening of this route, which was subject to complications due to gas concentration in the area, which forced the evacuation of personnel on several occasions and which, moreover, was in danger due to the possible arrival of lava flows in the middle of jobs.

“We are facing an important work because we connect Puerto Naos with Las Manchas de Abajo, a road that has been carried out in 27 days of work and that was highly requested by both the Cabildo and the Los Llanos city council,” Franquis said. In this way, a emergency work to “create an authentic road where before there was an unpaved road”, a work that makes it “much faster and safer to drive on it” and which was a “key” objective for ensure connectivity with this part of the west coast of the island, and which will be in service for the entire population in the coming days, as the control points of the exclusion zone are withdrawn.

Emergency route map – Canary Islands Government

The new road has 2.3 kilometers built in record time since November 9, taking advantage of a large part of the layout of a rustic road known as Hoya del Verdugo and with a seven meter wide road made up of two rails of 3.5 meters each one, and the corresponding widening in the curves.

With this emergency action, coordinated with the Cabildo de La Palma, a connection is enabled between the Puerto Naos highway, LP-213, with Las Manchas, the LP-211, since both roads have been affected by the lava flows, and allows faster and safer access from the LP-2 to this part of the coast of La Palma and to the adjacent banana plantations.To

The road open today has been adjusted as closely as possible to a dirt track existing in the area, separating from that track in the area of ​​the old lava flow of the San Juan Volcano to avoid affecting a protected natural area and crossing this lava flow, where there was no other choice, through a section in which the area was deteriorated due to the presence of an old aggregate treatment facility.

The budget for this emergency work was 1.7 million euros and was awarded on November 8 to the company TRAYSESA.

A work full of challenges

This emergency road had an execution period of one month when it was awarded on November 8, when the volcano eruption was still active. However, it has not been possible to execute it in the scheduled time since the presence of gases and the eruption of the laundry that devastated the Las Manchas cemetery, only work could be done 5 days in the month of November. In addition, being within the exclusion zone established by Pevolca, work hours have been limited. Once the eruption ended and it was possible to work with a certain normality, the works have been completed in about 27 days.

Sebastián Franquis and Borja Perdomo at the inauguration of the road
Sebastián Franquis and Borja Perdomo at the inauguration of the road – Canary Islands Government

Counselor Franquis also reported on the two days of work that will take place between Monday and Tuesday on the island to plan the reconstruction of the road infrastructure destroyed by the eruption, analyze with the scientists who are integrated in Pevolca the deadlines to start acting and plan in time the infrastructures to be developed, some emergency and others within the reconstruction plan of La Palma.

For the Minister of Public Works of the Cabildo de La Palma, Borja Perdomo, the inauguration of this road represents a step in the reconstruction and connectivity, which will continue with the next challenge that will be work to achieve communication between the northern zone and the southern zone of the Aridane Valley that have been isolated by the lava flows.

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