May 17, 2022 9:39 am

Why Jupiter and Saturn could “rain” up to 10 tons of diamonds

In 2013, scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States determined that Jupiter’s atmospheric properties and Saturn could cause a “rain” of diamonds. This after they could conclude that in them “carbon in dazzling crystal form” abounds.

The process occurs due to the large amount of electric storms present in the atmosphere, there too infinity of methane gas particles coexist which, when colliding with lightning, break up. In this way, the carbon produced because of the reaction, are combined generating a heavier substance.

The soot (carbon) Being heavier, it begins to precipitate, so when it descends to the surface subjected to higher environments in terms of temperature and pressure.

Temperature and pressure are essential for the formation of this rain. Photo: Istock

The new environmental conditions turn carbon into graphite and then into diamonds when exposed to approximately 2700 degrees Celsius. Finally, by continuing to descend, it would end up becoming liquid matter.

The study reported that the size of each of the stones is just one centimeter in diameter, suitable for putting on a ring,” said the Dr. Kevin Baines, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to the BBC.

The diamond rain is a phenomenon that generates 10 tons of precious stones
The diamond rain is a phenomenon that generates 10 tons of precious stonesiStock

It is forecast that a year it rains 10 tons of precious stones due to chemical reaction in the atmosphere.

Notably the investigation has been under study for nine years, so they continue to analyze the possibilities that both stars can generate such a magnitude of diamonds. However, analysts assure that it is very feasible to find them, since the conditions are right for their development.

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