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While filming Don’t Look Up, Leonardo DiCaprio confessed to Jonah Hill which Disney+ series he is a fan of

Jonah Hill unveiled the series that Leonardo Dicaprio asked him to see during the recording of don’t look up (Netflix). Both already had a good relationship since they shared a cast in The wolf of Wall Street. In that context, Hill revealed that while filming the hit Netflix movie, DiCaprio insisted that he watch a Disney + series which also had a great reception among fans.

During his free time, Hill watched the series The Mandalorian, as revealed in an interview with W Magazine. “Leo made me see The Mandalorian when we were doing don’t look up and it was like Baby Yoda, he was so cute, but I just didn’t care because I didn’t know anything about what it was about, “he confessed, making it clear that he was not a fan of the Yoda universe. Star Wars.

Along the same lines, he made it clear that does not usually have much affinity with the science fiction genre and that tends to lean towards more realistic stories: “If it didn’t happen or couldn’t happen, then I didn’t care.because he lost interest.

Jonah Hill revealed the series that Leonardo DiCaprio made him watchNIKO TAVERNISE/NETFLIX

Despite this, Game of Thrones, which was also a huge success worldwide, managed to be the exception to the rule and captivated him. “I don’t watch science fiction and stuff like that, so I’ve never seen Game of Thrones. I started in the last two months. I’m on season 4″.

The Mandalorian has two seasons and the last one was released in 2020. Beyond its success, the attention currently for the fans is focused on another production of the universe of Star Wars which works like spin-off.

Leonardo DiCaprio insisted Jonah Hill to watch The Mandalorian
Leonardo DiCaprio insisted Jonah Hill to watch The Mandalorian

boba fett book premiered December 29 on Disney+ and pick up the action from the post-credits scene where the bounty hunter seizes Jabba the Hutt’s throne on the planet Tatooine.

A few days ago, the protagonist had been in the news because it was known that improvised the emotional final phrase of the production.

The news was revealed by Adam McKay, director of the film, in an interview with the magazine Variety. According to his testimony, the actor approached him and Cate Hardman, script supervisor, to tell them that he wanted to improvise a line for the end.

Despite the fact that it was finally included and became a key and well-remembered line, the truth is that was about to be left out.

McKay emphasized the emotional impact that the phrase meant and that for that reason it was almost left out of the cut: “It scared us a lot in the editing room because it hit us so hard. We kept her out of the montage for a while. And then towards the end we were like, ‘You know what? We have to try it.’ And it was the strongest blow of all.”

In addition to the last line, DiCaprio also had the idea of ​​including the speech. The scene was rewritten 15 times before it finally stuck with everyone and made it into the movie.

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