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What saint is celebrated today, Sunday, January 16? Everything you need to know about today’s saints



Today, Sunday, January 16, 2022, the Christian Saints celebrate the Saint of San Marcelo I, Papa, followed by other names that you can check right here.

Marcellus, pope for only a few months in 308, was denounced to the imperial court and sent into exile for maintaining the need for the laps to do penance.

On this Sunday, January 16, 2022, the Catholic Church celebrates the saint of Acursio, Adyuto, Berardo, Danactus, Estefanía, Bishop Fulgencio, Furseo, Honorato de Arlés, Jacobo Bishop of Tarantasia, Juana de Bagno di Romagna, Leobato, Marcelo I, Melas, Odette, Otón, Pedro de Sangemini, Ticiano, Triverio, José Vaz.. Although today he is known for San Marcelo I, Papa and with which the Catholic religion honors 6,625 people in Spain.

Right here you can consult the complete list of saintly that we can celebrate today Sunday, January 16, 2022 in reference to the Catholic tradition that has to do with Spain. Discover who are the saints or saints that you can congratulate today, in

Why do we commemorate saint’s day from each person? This tradition comes from the Catholic religion and celebrates the life of a relevant person within the Christian faith who dedicated/delivered his life to bring the Christian faith to people who needed it.

The Roman martyrology collects the names of the saints as we know it. This name alludes to a kind of book that the Vatican updates by replacing new saints after canonization.

What saints are celebrated today, January 16?

The saints are much broader for each day. Today it is not only San Marcelo I, Papa but we also celebrate the onomastics from:

  • acursio
  • Adyuto
  • Berardo
  • danactus
  • Stephanie
  • Bishop Fulgencio
  • Furseo
  • Honorato de Arles
  • James Bishop of Tarantasia
  • Juana de Bagno di Romagna
  • Leobato
  • Marcelo I
  • Lies
  • Odette
  • Otón
  • Pedro de Sangemini
  • Ticiano
  • Triverio
  • José Vaz.

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