May 16, 2022 8:39 am

What is Wordle and why can’t anyone stop playing it?

Maybe because you noticed that everyone is sharing a diagram of green and yellow squares on social networks or because the word ‘wordle‘ keeps repeating itself in conversations with friends. If you are wondering what is behind this new phenomenon, here is the situation: while at some point everyone was obsessed with “Fruit Ninja”, “Candy Crush” or “2048″, today that place is occupied by “Wordle”. A word deduction game that in just a few weeks became a milestone around the world.

Developed by Josh Wardle in his quest to create a little entertainment for his friends and family, it is nothing more than a vocabulary game. With just six tries, users have to deduce the word of the day. The curiosity behind this? Everyone gets the same word and can only play it once per day.

Once the session is over (that is, after those six attempts), players can share their result on social networks using emojis that represent the board of this game. Feature that helped him go viral.

“To be honest, it doesn’t feel very good that [Wordle] has gone viral (…) [Ahora] I feel a great responsibility towards the players. I feel like I really have to keep things running and everything working properly” – Josh Wardle for The Guardian.

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One of the reasons why it became so popular is the simplicity of its premise:

It is simply a graphic representation of the game board. Through this mix of emojis, players can share on networks how they did, whether or not they reached the word of the day. As you can imagine: the green emojis correspond to the correct letters in the correct position, the yellow ones to the correct letters in the incorrect position and the grey/black ones to the incorrect letters.

Since the internet is a giant meta-universe, there are already plenty of recommendations on how to beat “Wordle”. While none of this comes with a guarantee, here are some of the ones we found most useful:

For now the only place where you can play “Wordle” is on Josh Wardle’s personal site, site that you can access both from mobile and desktop. Note: there are no apps (Android or iOS) for this game and, in fact, the Apple Store has already been removing some imitation apps.

There are several reasons why we can explain this resounding success. The first – and obvious – is that It is a free game and without ads. Characteristics to which it was added that it is a super simple interface and that its game rules are also simple. In addition, the fact that you can only play it once a day generates certain expectations, which makes users even more expectant for their new opportunities to surpass their own achievements. Finally there was a certain ‘mystery’ around this game: suddenly you saw these grids everywhere, without links to any site and without explanation. This aroused the curiosity of users and, through word of mouth, they passed on the information.

At the moment its developer has not announced any update.

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