May 16, 2022 1:15 pm

To the bullfights and with stones, the Independiente bar raised a picket on the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway

Barrabravas vs. Picketers, that was the scene that was seen this Saturday afternoon in the Buenos Aires-La Plata Highway, up to Wilde. With bullfights, stone throws and fear among those present, a group of Independiente fans lifted the cut that the neighbors made due to lack of electricity supply, for days.

It is that the fans were going to the meeting of their team against San Lorenzo, which was played at 9:00 p.m. at the Estadio Uno de Estudiantes, in La Plata, and after waiting half an hour, they confronted those who were causing the protest.

A group from the bar that was traveling by bus to the field, decided get off and attack the protesters to get them out of the way. the moment, with cumshots and blows, was recorded in various videos that were broadcast on social networks. The police who were at the scene had to intervene.

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