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This is how Lady Di reacted when a glass of wine was spilled on her Versace dress: “There was a gasp”

Although 25 years after his death no one forgot Diana Princess of Wales, those who got to know her still remember their anecdotes with her. This is what the former editor of Vogue and legend of the fashion world did a few months ago André Leon Talley on your Instagram profile.

The American fashion guru met the mother of princes William of Cambridge and Harry of Sussex at a lunch he organized in his house the George Town the american journalist Katharine Graham, editor of The Washington Post and personal friend of Lady Di.

The mishap with Diana

Talley recounted that had the honor of sitting to the right of Princess Diana, although given what happened he would have preferred to be seated further away. “During lunch I made a huge mistake. With my elbow I knocked Princess Diana’s wine glass into her lap.”, recalled the former editor of Vogue.

“She was wearing a lavender Gianni Versace suit with a pencil skirt. There was a gasp across the table. I said to myself, ‘Well, that’s it, they’re never going to invite you anywhere again. You’re sunk’”, recalled the legend of the fashion world about the mishap he experienced with Princess Diana during a lunch.

André Talley shared the anecdote with Princess Diana through his Instagram accountCapture Instagram

However, Lady Di did not give much importance to the fact that the glass of wine spilled on her Versace dress. “Gracefully and naturally, Diana dipped the corner of her napkin in her glass of water and looked at me with a beautiful smile as she cleaned her dress.. ‘Oh, nothing’s wrong’He told me,” he narrated.

Although Talley did not indicate when the anecdote occurred, it is likely that happened in september 1996, coinciding with Diana’s visit to the White House to support a fundraiser for breast cancer research, Kay Graham gave a lunch in his honor.

The princess I finished of sign her divorce with prince charles and had left behind the strict protocol of British royalty. “Just call me Diane. In America everyone does it”, he recalled after his death. Kay Graham that he told her when he met her during a summer on Martha’s Vineyard.

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