May 15, 2022 9:40 am

They set fire to the front of an LGBT cafe in Palermo and ask for the attack to be clarified

The store Maricafé, a symbol of sexual diversity in the city of Buenos Aires, was set on fire Saturday morning by two people, at 5.24. In the video of the security cameras that broadcast from this place – which in addition to functioning as a bar offers cultural activities – you can see how two men unleash the flames, watch for a few seconds and then leave. The sequence lasts one minute.

“No other store in the area had any problems. These two men stayed watching, they chose that corner, it was very strange “, comment to THE NATION Pablo Terrera, the owner of Maricafé. He himself was in charge of checking the state of the neighboring shops when he arrived at the bar yesterday at 8:30 – three hours after what happened – alerted by an employee who, when trying to open the bar, found the remains of the fire that, as the owner relates , “luckily” it became extinct on its own.

“The treachery is not understood”, considers Terrera, now focused on knowing the identity of the two people who caused the flames in front of his premises, in the first episode of this type in the more than three years that it has been open.

This is how they set fire to the Maricafé front

Concerned, he assures: “I am afraid. I want to see what happened, it’s very serious. I think it’s an attack, but you have to be careful.” Thus, it hints at the possibility that what happened was a hate attack against the LGBTIQ+ community [por lesbiana, gay, bisexual, transgénero, transexual, travesti, intersexual, queer y aquellos colectivos que no están representados con esas las siglas], although he still has hope that these men have found something in the street -which, from the records, he assumes may be a pillow-, that they set it on fire and that they threw it into the premises, but by chance

In the meantime, he has already filed a police complaint and requested the intervention of the LGBT advocacy of the city of Buenos Aires. Sources from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security confirmed to THE NATION the entry of that complaint and they stressed that public video surveillance is being analyzed. The Criminal, Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Prosecutor’s Office No. 5 now intervenes, in charge of Dr. Kessler, who before the Single Secretary of Dr. Zalazar ordered proceedings for “investigation of damage, fire and intimidation”.

“It had never been seen. There is homophobia, but it is no longer explicit. It takes other forms, such as complaints”, says the owner of the premises, who exemplifies before THE NATION how usual are the notifications they receive for annoying noises when he details that for the Pride March on November 6, these complaints were 46 in total.

Maricafe is in PalermoInstagram @maricafeok

Given the confusion that still prevails, both on Instagram and on Twitter at the café located at 4096 Honduras in the neighborhood of Palermo They told what they know at the moment and brought peace of mind to those who are used to.

“By luck, the fire did not enter the premises and there was no material damage”, they remarked in the publication, where they considered that “all actions are suspicious”. In that sense, the owner of Maricafé was relieved, at least, because the seriousness of the material damage did not escalate.

On the other hand, in the tweet where they included the images captured by the security cameras, they indicated from the bar: “Remember that when someone asks why Pride: it is for this and much more”.

Ready to add exterior surveillance to the cafe and also a smoke detector; Terrera reflects in dialogue THE NATION: “Our community it is very resilient. Today I am determined to get to the bottom of it to find out what happened. I don’t want two people to come and stop everything.”

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