May 17, 2022 5:44 am

They ransacked the house of Sergio Lapegüe who is on vacation in Mexico

Journalist and television presenter Sergio Lapegüe He was a victim this Saturday of the insecurity that plagues the Buenos Aires suburbs after criminals robbed his house, located in Lomas de Zamora.

However, the driver TN Y eltrechey his family found out the news from a distance, because at this time they are on vacation in Mexico.

According to the TN channel, the robbery occurred during the night of Friday and early Saturday morning and it was a neighbor who warned about the situation when he saw the gate of the open house.

As it transpired, the criminals entered the home after breaking a fence and once inside they checked all the rooms. Valuable objects and the CPU of the security cameras would have been taken, so there was no record of the event.

Lapegüe spends his vacations on the Mexican beaches since the beginning of January. Currently, he rests in Playa del Carmen with his wife. Before being notified, this Saturday he had been active on his social networks sharing with his followers the leisure activities he does on the Caribbean beaches.

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