May 17, 2022 3:53 am

The sweet letter from the children of Sabrina Rojas to Tucu López: “We love you very much”

Since they confirmed their relationship in early September, Sabrina Rojas and Tucu Lopez They have no problem publicly showing some moments that they live as a couple. On this occasion, the story is joined by two protagonists: Esperanza (8) and Fausto (7), the children she had with Luciano Castro.

After spending a fun afternoon at their mother’s boyfriend’s house, the children did not hesitate to write him a letter to express how much they loved him and thank him for the time they shared.

Thank you Tucu for inviting us to your house, for taking care of us and for being so much fun. We love you so much!, Said the message that the boys wrote in their own handwriting, and that López was in charge of sharing with his followers through his social networks. The little letter was signed “Espe, Fausto and Sabri”.

The children of Sabrina Rojas dedicated a sweet message to Tucu López

Days ago, the announcer had shared for the first time on his Instagram wall a photo with his partner’s children. In the postcard, the four of them are seen wearing work equipment such as glasses and dark circles while the children hold paint spray cans in their hands. “This team” was the epigraph chosen to describe the photo, words that were accompanied by a heart emoticon.

“It relaxed us a lot that he met my children, because we were able to start sharing,” Rojas said days ago in an exclusive interview with THE NATION that the two toasted together. “They love Tucu. When we spent the holidays in Mar del Plata, they asked us if Tucu couldn’t ask for a day at work to come,” he revealed.

During the note, both talked about the good relationship they have with Luciano Castro and his current partner, Flor Vigna. “It makes me happy that Sabri has a good relationship with the father of her children. If we add to that that I have a good relationship with Luciano and with Flor and that, suddenly, the boys are also there and we are six and we have a good time, everything is won”, he said.

“This is possible because between Luciano and I there is nothing left but family love and because we have two people next to us who want to add, and are super confident. For me it is very important that my children can be with their mother and father and their partners together, eat a barbecue and laugh and that it is not cool only at the school or birthday ceremony. We want our children to have family life. Our couples know that the family bond is important to us. Sometimes I am at home, Lu comes and stays for lunch, and I tell Tucu and everything is fine”, she added.

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