May 22, 2022 7:30 am

The Minister of Health of Lambán accuses the judges of being right-wing and attacking the PSOE




The Minister of Health of the Aragonese Government, Sira Repolles (PSOE), has publicly accused the judges of being right-wing and attacking the PSOE. His accusation goes directly against the magistrates of the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ) of Aragon who, in application of the law and constitutionality control, have repeatedly overturned various restrictions dictated by the Government of Javier Lamban during the Covid pandemic.

Repollés has launched these harsh accusations against the judges in an interview published this Sunday by the regional newspaper Heraldo de Aragón. In it, the Lambán counselor says that the judiciary has been issuing resolutions “for ideological reasons” and that it has played “a perverse game” against the regional Executive, which the PSOE shares in a quadripartite with Podemos, the sovereignists of the Chunta and the PAR .

Without making any mention of the legal arguments put forward by the magistrates in their resolutions, some of which made the Lambán Government blush due to the gross errors or legal deficiencies that it had incurred in some of its acts, Sira Repollés prefers to interpret all those episodes in political key.

“All our orders have been appealed and in no case has the result been positive,” complains the Minister of Health of Lambán, who it also overlooks the elementary principle of the division of powers and interprets the judicial setbacks not as the result of that elementary principle of constitutional safeguard but as a sign that the judges go against the Lambán quadripartite. Thus, he even says in the interview that “it is evident” that the problem is that some right-wing judges decide against a left-wing government.

Voices have already been raised from the opposition to demand the immediate resignation of Sira Repollés as Minister of Health or her sudden dismissal by Javier Lambán. But, in this matter, the truth is that Lambán himself has also carried out more than a verbal barrage months ago against the magistrates, for not supporting all the resolutions of his Government.

In any case, the Aragonese PP, led by the mayor of Zaragoza, Jorge Azcon, has publicly demanded this Sunday the resignation or “withering” dismissal of Sira Repollés. He considers that his statements denote a “absolute lack of respect for judges, for the division of powers and, therefore, for elementary principles of respect for the democratic rule of law”, according to ABC sources from the PP’s regional leadership.

Sira Repollés arrived at the Aragonese Government in the spring of 2020, after the first wave of the pandemic. He replaced Pilar Ventura, also from the PSOE, who was forced to resign after saying that the lack of masks and gloves had “stimulated” the toilets to exercise in the manufacture of improvised personal protection equipment. The toilets, outraged, turned against the counselor. Lambán, fearful of the wave of protests, dropped Pilar Ventura and replaced her with Repollés.

Now, Repollés is trying to stop the scandal that he has caused with his statements against the judges through a hasty emergency note released through Wassap by Lambán’s communication office, in which it is stated that the counselor “has called this morning the President of the TSJ of Aragon, Manuel Bellido, to apologize for the statements. However, at no time is it expressly indicated in the note that the socialist counselor retracts the accusations she has launched, although now the communication cabinet says that Repollés “defends the utmost confidence in the institutions and in the judiciary.”

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