May 18, 2022 8:36 pm

The French National Assembly approves the Covid passport intended to “annoy” anti-vaccines

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The National Assembly (AN) approved on Sunday afternoon by 215 votes in favor, 58 against and 7 abstentions the new vaccination passport, conceived by the government of Emmanuel Macron to try to “force” the anti-vaccines, “annoying” or “fucking” them.

The new vaccination passport will come into force in the coming days, between the end of January and the beginning of February, and will greatly complicate the daily life of the unvaccinated and anti-vaccines, imposing very restrictive and coercive criteria.

Since July 2021, the Government of Emmanuel Macron has decreed and/or adopted, after parliamentary debate, successive variants of vaccination certificates. Faced with the alarming spread of new variants, in the middle of last December, the French president decided impose a new modality vaccination passport, after parliamentary approval.

The National Assembly, the first chamber of the French Parliament, adopted a new version in first reading, on the eve of Kings, which was partially rejected by the Senate, the second parliamentary chamber.

Clashes of a very diverse nature followed. The Senate proposed a new, nuanced version. And the National Assembly adopted on Sunday afternoon the version that should be definitive, if there are no unforeseen problems.

The new and latest version of the vaccination passport is much more coercive, conceived as a “disguised” form of obligation for the anti-vaccines, complicating or “fucking” their lives, according to Macron’s terminology.

The new vaccination passport is the official vaccination certificate, issued by the health authorities, after completing the entire vaccination process. From the entry into force of the new passport, health tests will be insufficient and they will not allow, by themselves, the frequenting of bars, restaurants, theater, cinemas, sports halls.

The new vaccination passport will be required to be able to enter bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, in all spaces where all kinds of activities are held. The same passport or vaccination certificate will be required to travel by plane, trains and national and regional buses.

Sanctions against fraud have been strengthened. The non-presentation or presentation of a false vaccination passport will be punished with a fine of one thousand euros. The use of false vaccination passports will be punished withn three years in prison and fines of 45,000 euros. In case of presentation of several false documents, the fine could amount to 75,000 euros.

In France, a majority of 58-60% of the French are convinced supporters of voluntary vaccination. But several million French people say they are hostile to vaccination, denouncing the alleged “Nazi health dictatorship” as a kind of “liberticide”.

By imposing a new, stricter, more coercive vaccination passport, Macron and his government win an important battle against the anti-vaccine movement, supported by extremist groups.

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