May 23, 2022 9:27 am

The coast is enthusiastic: intense movement of tourist replacement at the beginning of the second fortnight

SILVER SEA.– They came and went, always with suitcases. They looked in the area Big beach, walking down the street in search of a free taxi. Piling ’em up in cars, last minute indicator around this town. not speak for the railway station, where were those who carried them because they were leaving and those who, more smiling, removed them from the bus because they finally arrived here, with almost 30 degrees of temperature and meters from the Beaches chosen for your vacation.

this weekend and the fortnight change played in favor of this notorious tourist replacement that was lived here and in all the summer destinations of the Atlantic Coast, which come from a very good start to the year and begin to breathe the beginning of a month end with prospects for even better results.

The lobby of a hotel near the old terminal was today, at mid-morning and past breakfast hours, overflowing with guests in the armchairs and luggage in abundance, waiting for the okay to get on the bus that was waiting for them at the door. “We return to Castelar sad for the forced return, but happy because we live spectacular days,” he said. Brian Almada, who was preparing to leave with his wife, Gisella, and their children Ástor and Micaela. “We’ll be back for carnival,” he promised.

Row of cars shortly after reaching the La Huella toll, at kilometer 240 of Route 11, where traffic from Pinamar and Partido de la Costa convergeHernan Zenteno

That crossing of travelers that was very evident on the platforms of the train and bus stations was also experienced in the routes 2 and 11, where the traffic was very intense, although still below the pace it had had yesterday. Always with more arrivals than departures, which provides the hypothesis of a second fortnight that will exceed everything very positive left by the first two weeks of the year.

According to Autopistas de Buenos Aires (Aubasa), in the direction of Mar del Plata, until noon and in the space of 12 hours, they had passed through the toll of Samborombon 17,181 automobiles, almost double the number that passed through there on their way to the Capital. On route 11 the movement was more even: 9,940 against 7,562 vehicles.

This dynamic reflected 10% less than what was seen yesterday in those same communication routes at a similar time, but even so, some delays for traffic jams. Particularly in the first half of the route, prior to the detour to reach the coast through the route 63 and then the interbalnearia.

The direct impact of these figures was perceived in real estate and hotels, which were just check out Y check in, in farewell to those who were already pure welcome with those who were beginning to arrive, always looking for rest and fun.

The municipal authorities hope that the exceptional tourist movement registered throughout Pinamar during the first fortnight will be repeated during the second.
The municipal authorities hope that the exceptional tourist movement registered throughout Pinamar during the first fortnight will be repeated during the second.Tomas Cuesta – THE NATION

From the local driving of the Union of Hotel, Gastronomic and Allied Workers (Uthgra) anticipate a second fortnight start with occupation close to 90% of the places available and good chances of reaching full occupancy, particularly during the coming weekends.

These last 15 days of the month are the ones that, in addition to the original proposal that lasts for much of the season, add attractions punctual. For example, it is the period with the most recitals Y DJ performances, which always brings a very specific audience closer and in relation to the presentation date of their favorite artist or show.

the beginning of the second fortnight of January was felt this weekend also in Pinamar. During the morning and midday hours today, long lines of cars waited patiently for their turn to enter the spa city and the bus terminal it became a veritable anthill. The frenetic movement of people, trucks and private vehicles marked the beginning of the last two weeks of January, in which the district anticipates a practically total occupation.

As usually happens, the largest displacement was registered yesterday, with significant delays in entering Pinamar and in the Bunge Avenue, its main artery. “The bus was already late and it took even longer to arrive,” complained a lady at the terminal. Meanwhile, a family was rushing to get into the car that was picking them up. Behind, a queue of at least five vehicles that did not take long to rush the newcomers by force of horns.

Today, on the second replacement day, by comparison, the transit It was much more fluid in the different points than yesterday. This was reflected in the figures published by Aubasa, previously mentioned.

The municipal authorities hope that the exceptional tourist movement recorded throughout Pinamar during the first fortnight is repeated during the second, whose Bookings in non-hotel matters they already exceed 97%.

With the collaboration of Tomás Bove (special envoy to Pinamar)

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