May 17, 2022 1:27 pm

The Carbonarios of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs




José Manuel Albares and Juan Fernández Trigo were already old acquaintances at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their activism against the PP governments and their political sectarianism long before taking up their current positions. As a foreign official, the current minister boasted of leading a group that called itself Los Carbonarios, as the members of the Carbonería were known, a secret society founded in Naples at the beginning of the 19th century and very active in France, which he was responsible for the assassination of numerous mostly conservative public officials.

“These ‘carbonarios’ were dedicated to boycotting the work of the officials appointed by the PP and were responsible for numerous leaks to the press», diplomatic sources assure ABC, some from the Spanish left that for one reason or another ended up clashing with Albares and his people.

One of his, one of the most faithful, is the current Secretary of State for Ibero-America and the Caribbean and Spanish in the World, Juan Fernández Trigo. Considered by many of his colleagues who have known him well in the diplomatic career as “A pro-Communist”Fernández Trigo was ambassador to Cuba before being appointed chargé d’affaires in Venezuela. Albares brought him from Caracas as Secretary of State.

Sources of the highest solvency consulted by ABC explain their magnificent relationships with the Castro regime, “which go beyond the strictly professional. Sometimes it seemed that he worked for his party and not for his country. Trigo is currently the common-law partner of a Cuban doctor, whom he has brought to Spain, who is very well connected with the regime. Her current partner studied at the Lenin Vocational School and was on missions in Angola, in addition to leading a high lifestyle with numerous trips to Paris, where her daughter lives.

“He belongs to that group of Cubans who enter and leave the country how and when they want, without problems, and all of us who know Cuba know what that means,” Cuban sources explain to ABC. By Decree 306, Cuban doctors have to request a special permit from State Security and the party to leave the country, which does not take less than five years to be granted. «In this case it has not been like that, it was managed very quickly. But wherever they are, these doctors are always owed to the Cuban State,” Cuban sources assure ABC.

FARC friend

The current Spanish ambassador in Havana, Ángel Martín Peccis, is another of Albares’ trusted group. Very active for years in Colombia where he gained the trust of the FARC, he played an important role in the peace negotiations between this terrorist group and the Colombian government held for several years in Havana. «Peccis likes to say in his meetings with the Cuban leaders, half jokingly and half seriously: ‘Do not forget that I am one of yours’. But it is true, it is more of the regime than many of the Cubans themselves, ”explain sources consulted by ABC in Havana.

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