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Tamara Suju: “Chavismo persecuted me in Venezuela, the Czech Republic, and now it’s coming for me in Spain”




Tamara Suju He has been denouncing the violation of human rights by Chavismo for years before the International Criminal Court, based in The Hague, which opened a formal investigation last November. regimen Nicholas Maduro He has persecuted her for it first in Venezuela and then in the Czech Republic, where she fled. Now in Spain, too, he does not escape his tentacles: Nicolás Maduro Jr., known as Nicolasito, promotes through Baltasar Garzón’s law firm a lawsuit against her in Madrid for alleged insults, for having published a tweet that linked him to a “mafia gang”. Tamara Suju assures that it is an attempt to intimidate her, but that she is not going to give in.

Do you maintain that Maduro, his son Nicolasito or Álex Saab are part of a “mafia gang” or “criminal”?

There is no doubt that any official of the regime who does not oppose crimes and torture, corruption, etc. He is part of a criminal structure that is dedicated to drug laundering, gold trafficking, coltan, diamonds, minerals… And now the cryptocurrency business, with which they become billionaires, and the financing of subversive groups. Where are the nephew and putative son of Maduro? Prisoners in the US, because the drug left Maiquetía [el aeropuerto de Caracas]. They put the patrimony of Venezuelans in the hands of a few who enrich themselves, who enrich their figureheads, and the figureheads of their figureheads, and make this a criminal network. The world knows it, and that is why they are sanctioned and wanted. Whoever is part of this criminal structure and does not report it is complicit in everything. Not just Nicholas.

Tamara Suju, last Friday before the Madrid court where she was summoned for the conciliation act prior to the lawsuit promoted by the son of Nicolás Maduro
Tamara Suju, last Friday before the Madrid court where she was summoned for the conciliation act prior to the lawsuit promoted by the son of Nicolás Maduro – Jose Ramon Ladra

Why is Maduro’s son taking action against you in Spain?

In Venezuela they feel comfortable with the lack of a strong response from a political opposition that goes to elections, although not all of the opposition does. And the sanctions make a dent when they want to travel to the countries they like, but the rest go over them because they have found partners, such as the Russians, the Iranians or the Turks, who serve them to launder the gold and send them cash to build in Venezuela that parallel Matrix with brand new buildings, still lifes full of everything and luxury for a few in a Caracas that is not the one with 90% of the poor population and the seven million who have fled due to the humanitarian crisis. Nicolasito seeks to intimidate me because there is something they cannot control: the International Criminal Court. They couldn’t control the opening of an investigation and those of us who helped to open it are now being persecuted. They are not going to intimidate me, I have enough material to know who they are, I know much more than what I say. We have a mission: justice for the victims of the dictatorship. See you in The Hague and the courts of Madrid.

“I have witnesses that crimes against humanity continue to be committed in Venezuela”

You have Spanish citizenship and the complaint is filed here. Have you received support from the authorities?

No, not from the government yet. I have had communication with some MEP and private meetings with politicians who have expressed their support for me, but not from the Government. And let it be clear: I am persecuted by the Venezuelan regime, I am not in Spain because I wanted to leave my country because yes. I arrived in the Czech Republic and they persecuted me. The regime violated the Vienna Convention when it placed my address there and migratory movements. They persecuted me while I was in asylum and that is why I came to Spain. And now they’re coming for me here. It is not anything to be persecuted in three countries. It is the demonstration that my denunciation work is effective and truthful. And I confirm that yes, it is a criminal structure that has led Venezuela to be a failed state.

How do you assess that the complaint is filed through Garzón’s law firm?

That firm has become a defender of Maduro’s friends. We all know that he defends Álex Saab. They will see, everyone defends what they want. I would never defend a criminal structure that has murdered, tortured and raped human beings, that has committed the worst crimes against humanity that can be imagined. I feel very happy to practice law defending the victims, the weakest, and being on the right side of history.

Nicolasito's posters for last year's Venezuelan Assembly elections, considered fraudulent by much of the international community
Nicolasito’s posters for last year’s Venezuelan Assembly elections, considered fraudulent by much of the international community – Eph

At what stage is the investigation in the International Criminal Court that you promoted?

It just opened. At this stage they will delve into the cases, request information and can make ‘in situ’ visits to Venezuela. But I keep trying to show that these crimes continue to be committed. There are still political prisoners being tortured and recently two died. I have testimonies from victims who have been officials and say that there are orders to leave prisoners on the verge of death. The damage is irreversible. They are criminals.

“Garzón’s law firm has become a defender of Maduro’s friends. I would never defend that criminal structure»

What do you expect from the investigation?

That the main chain of command be charged and tried in court. It is what all Venezuelans who want justice want, because without it there will never be peace in Venezuela.

Has the international community got used to the Venezuelan situation? Are you no longer paying attention?

There is a sense of normalization of horror, that now, after these regional elections and the Assembly, Maduro and his criminal structure can come out with votes, despite having the same Electoral Council without audits or credible international observers. It is a false feeling, because they will never leave power for good. Unless they see themselves with a noose around their necks at the ICC and want to negotiate their impunity. We need a lot of international help. To think that we will get out of this organized crime with elections is to be deluded. If we have not learned and we are going to continue deceiving ourselves, we will never get out of these tyrants.

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