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Stunning victory for Soldini with the Multi 70 «Maserati» in the RORC 2022

Vigo (Pontevedra)



The departure of the fleet participating in the RORC Transatlantic Race took place on January 8 in Lanzarote, from where the fleet of thirty sailboats took a more northerly route on the great circle that would take them to the Caribbean island of Granada.

While the multihulls sailed at a speed of 26 knots heading northwest, on the 9th the 100-foot Russian-flagged super maxi monohull «Comanche», skippered by Mitch Booth, would gybe towards the southwest sailing at about 22 knots of speed in the idea of ​​positioning itself at the head of the entire fleet.

To the west of the meridian of the Madeira Islands, after two days of regatta, in the first third of the route, the first trimarans would also gybe to the southwest, with «PowerPlay Ltd» remaining in the lead; which would gradually descend in latitude until converging on the great circle route.

The trio of Multi 70 «PowerPlay Ltd», «Argo» and «Maserati» maintained a bitter battle at all times, even with light winds of only 7/10 knots of intensity that did not allow them to reach 15 knots of speed when They were about a thousand miles from the finish and with a separation between them of only 20 miles.

With the trade winds stabilizing, on January 12 the «Maserati» would manage to overtake the «Argo» and place itself in second position after the «PowerPlay Ltd» when there are about five hundred miles to cross the finish line. At 250 miles, the Italian multihull led by Giovanni Soldini is already first, and on the way to Bridgetown Island (150 miles to the finish) he will approach it from its northern coast while his direct rivals will do so from its south.

Less than a mile from finishing the «Maserati» the first monohull «Comanche» was 2,788 miles from the finish, in second position the «L4 Trifork» and the «I Love Poland» third.

It is 01:51:41 local time in Grenada (05:51:41 UTC, 06:51:41 in Italy) on Saturday, January 15, 2022, at which time the MOD70 «Maserati» crossed the finish line in the first place after 6 days 18 hours 51 minutes and 41 seconds. In second place is Peter Cunningham’s “PowerPlay Ltd” skippered by Ned Collier Wakefield, who carried British sailors Giles Scott (Ineos Team UK America’s Cup tactician and winner of two gold medals) on board. Olympics in the Finn class) and Miles Seddon (who set the record on this route with the Phaedo3 in 2015). Third in line: Jason Carroll’s “Argo” skippered by Brian Thompson.

“It has been an impressive regatta! Our crew has given everything and the Maserati Multi70 has made the difference”Soldini rejoiced: “I am very satisfied. The result of the work of these years can be seen. It has been a very long process of research and development: through records, world tours and competitions we have continued to search for solutions and the boat has gradually reached a maturity that allows it to fly in a stable and safe way with clearly superior performance -at least in these conditions- to that of its rivals that have been following the same path for years and use the latest generation of foils.The aerodynamic and kinetic progress made in the latest year, thanks to the contribution of the Maserati Innovation Lab engineers and designer Guillaume Verdier, are self-evident”.

The crew on board the “Maserati” were: Giovanni Soldini as skipper, Vittorio Bissaro, Oliver Herrera Pérez, Thomas Joffrin, Francesco Pedol and Matteo Soldini.

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