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Roxy Vázquez was a mother and showed her son’s first photo on social networks: “Pedro”

Roxana Vazquez she was a mother for the second time this Saturday, together with his partner Julián. The TN journalist told on her social networks that her baby was born, whom they decided to call Pedro, and shared a sweet postcard of the newborn.

The driver chose Instagram, a network where she already has more than 250 thousand followers, to tell the news and reveal the child’s name. In the photograph that came up through his Stories the baby appears lying down, although only his little foot can be seen. “Pedro”, Vázquez wrote at the bottom of the image accompanied by the emoji of a heart and the date of his birth: “15/01/2022″.

The journalist Roxy Vázquez was a mother and shared the news through her Instagram accountCapture Instagram

On the other hand, the communicator chose the mythical theme of Los Piojos, “Cradle Song”, to further excite the people who eagerly awaited the arrival of the little one.

Let us remember that it was in August when Vázquez surprised the viewers of early (TN) when counting live the happy news of pregnancy. “Today I have a special pen, and they are all surprised because nobody knew anything. I’m going to be a mom again!”, He expressed in his segment “Roxy’s pen” looking attentively at the camera.

Roxy Vázquez announced the news of her pregnancy on the air of TN
Roxy Vázquez announced the news of her pregnancy on the air of TNCapture Instagram

“They are not going to make me cry”, he asked all the companions who were present in the study. For its part, Sergio Lapegüe and the rest of the panelists said that they were already suspecting the pregnancy, since at times their outfits hinted at an incipient belly. “But we didn’t want to say anything, just in case. We thought that it could be that on your vacation you ate a little more, ”they expressed jokingly.

“We were with the locker room girls trying to hide it, but well…”, Vázquez confessed about the strategies they used in recent times to delay the announcement of the news.

“I am very happy, excited and happy. I send a kiss to my son Rocco and to the father of the child, Julián”, he added before returning to the routine of the program.

Roxy Vázquez is also the mother of eleven-year-old Rocco
Roxy Vázquez is also the mother of eleven-year-old RoccoCapture Instagram

In an interview he gave some time ago to TN Show, Roxy revealed that both she and her partner preferred to keep the news secret. “The few people who knew were very happy. Especially in this context in which we talk about ugly things every day: infections, deaths, lack of respirators… And the truth is that this is life, something that is the complete opposite of death. So it’s a beautiful thing”.

On the other hand, he said that I have long hoped to be a mother again. “It was in the plans, maybe it was a little early. I always wanted to be a mom again, because being a mom is what I like the most. And well, here it came,” he confessed.

Roxy Vázquez’s claim a few days after becoming a mother

In the midst of the heat wave that hit much of the country, more than 700 thousand users had an interruption of the electrical service. Among the hundreds of people affected was the journalist Roxy Vázquez, who expressed his discomfort with a forceful message through social networks.

“Thank you Ednor! Pregnant, days away from giving birth, and since 9 am without electricity. Badly broken down, ”wrote the host of the newscast from 6 to 10 on Twitter three days before the arrival of his son Pedro.

In that sense, he revealed between the lines that the company in charge of the electricity supply I would have given him an explanation about the high demand for energy that occurs in these months of the year, specifically during the afternoon of last Tuesday, when temperatures exceeded 41°C.

The TN journalist lashed out on Twitter for power outages
The TN journalist lashed out on Twitter for power outagesTwitter

“The usual excuses: the heat. And yes, normally when it is hot we tend to consume more energy”, he added in the message with a sarcastic tone. Finally, the news presenter used sarcasm to “thank” the bad time they made her go through all day: “Thank you for the hell”, sentenced.

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