May 15, 2022 5:24 am

River 2022: the names and scheme of the team that Marcelo Gallardo has in mind

Away from the extreme heat and bustle of Buenos Aires, Marcelo Gallardo think the River 2022 in the tranquility of the Argentine Patagonia. housed in San martin de los andes until next Tuesday, the millionaire squad spends its first days of preseason with 26 players, a landscape of a movie and a premise: focus work on what physicalstart drinking contact with the ball and feed the great harmony that is perceived in a human group more than united. Meanwhile, the technical director begins to accommodate his chips and enhance the internal competition, with the arrivals of Thomas Pochettino, Emanuel Mammana Y Leandro Gonzalez Pirez and the imminent arrival of Juan Fernando Quintero. Add to grow.

Although the names of the transfer market promise, the first idea that the coaching staff has in terms of training is to sustain what already works. The last months of 2021 showed an integral, solid and forceful team, with an oiled game with a tactical scheme in which flyers are the main protagonists. In a first sketch, the idea of ​​playing with the 4-2-3-1 or the 4-3-2-1, the two drawings that River used the most at the end of the year. Those incorporated who arrived and those who will arrive will have to do their best to get a place and they know that, according to Gallardo’s method, none have earned or assured the position, for no reason.

In a review of the team that will take to the pitch on February 13 against Unión, in their debut in the Professional League Cup, the defense comes from memory. Franco Armani is the owner of the arch and, for now, his competitors will be Ezekiel Centurion Y Franco Petroli, since the coach does not have as a priority to get a substitute goalkeeper.

On the bottom line, Robert Rojas –probed from Italy– today he is the owner of the right side, with Alex Vigo as an alternative and the chance to Fabrizio Bustos, protagonist of an extensive negotiation that still has no end. The rear is made up of Paulo Díaz Y David Martinez, who have behind them the experience of Javier Pinola Y Jonatan Maidana and lurking the desire of Mammana and González Pirez. Meanwhile, on the left side, milton helmet is the only alternative while Fabrizio Angileri solve your contractual problem. Faced with this situation, the board of directors does not sit still: is looking for a defender on the wing, at the request of the coach.

In the midfield the five names seem to come from memory. Enzo Fernandez Y Enzo Perez are the owners of the axis, with Bruno Zuculini as an alternative. Later, Santiago Simon Y Agustin Palavecino They hold up after a great semester of both and the DT awaits the physical adaptation he is making Nicholas of the Cross, already recovered from venous thrombosis in his left foot. As variants for the offensive zone, Gallardo has Pochettino, José Paradela Y Jorge Carrascal, and starting next week will have Quintero.

The front is the most crucial point. Day by day, Julian Alvarez It is the great reference of the attack. While his representative is in Europe, he has talks with clubs that follow the young wonder and maintains that he has proposals from Napoli, Atalanta and Nice, in River they trust that the scorer will continue in 2022: they have not received formal offers yet, they think it is very difficult for an entity to pay the 20 million euros of its clause and they maintain, at least in speech, an inflexible position regarding allowing the exit only for that amount.

For this reason, in the tactical scheme that foresees a single reference area, For the coaching staff, the continuity of the Cordovan is crucial. Going out on the market by attackers will depend exclusively on their future. Only if a good opportunity appears will River go for a striker.

At the same time, Brian Romero, Federico Girotti Y Flabian Londono are the three variants, in search of their place, while Matías Suárez will need between 30 and 45 days to be able to train alongside his teammates, after arthroscopy in October for synovitis in the right knee. On the other hand, Benjamin Rollheiser It will once again be a card to be considered only in the event that he resolves his contractual conflict, as is the case with Angileri. Today both are training alone on the Ezeiza property and for now they will not be taken into account, due to a leadership decision endorsed by Gallardo.

Thus, for the coach the current priority is reinforce the sides Y recover 100% both De La Cruz and Suárez, pillars that he lost at the end of last year and that can be vital for the development of the team. With the departures of Leonardo Ponzio, Germán Lux and Enrique Bologna, and the loan of Agustín Fontana to Defense and Justice, the DT does not want more losses and wants keep the members of the campus so as not to suffer the complications of 2021 between injuries, infections massive Covid-19 and calls to selected.

hold the football growth, Encourage the internal competition, strengthen the human bonds and work hard physical and tactical issues They are the fundamentals of River’s preparation, which is rearmed for 2022. Gallardo knows it: he needs a little more than what he showed last year to fight high on all fronts. And that’s why he wants to add hierarchy and retain most of his chips.

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