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Reese Witherspoon’s daughter gets emotionally naked



Unlike what happened a few years ago, today talking about sexuality is no longer a taboo, with several celebrities speaking openly about their preferences. And like many public figures, the daughter of the renowned actress Reese Witherspoon,Ava Phillippe spoke on the subject and stated what her preferences are, revealing that she may be bisexual.

And it is that Ava interacted with her Instagram followers through the social network’s question function, responding to a series of individual queries through their stories. Her followers asked her all kinds of questions, to which she answered without any problem, accompanying the text with a photo of her or regarding the question.

But among all those questions, there is one that stood out. They asked him directly about his sexual orientation, and his answer drew a lot of attention.

Ava’s response could not be more simple and direct, as well as comforting for those who have doubts about their sexuality and find in her an example to follow. “I’m attracted to… people!”, wrote in text across a photo of herself with blue eyeshadow, adding in parentheses: “Gender is not relevant”. Or what is the same, is bisexual. He is attracted to people of both genders.

Ava’s story confirming her sexuality – Lagencia-Crush

More about Ava Phillippe

From these statements, it was when his name began to be commented on the networks. Therefore, we are going to talk a little more about it. On the one hand, according to some media, currently in a relationship with Owen Mahoney, a classmate from her UC Berkeley who she started dating in 2019. Also, Ava has a brother younger than her, Deacon Reese Phillippe.

They are so similar that they look like sisters
They are so similar that they look like sisters – Lagencia-Crush

His relationship with his parents is very close, recently it was his mother who declared that she wants her children to be free: “I fully support my children finding their truth. Specifically, Ava is down to earth, wants to do great things in the world, and is studying to learn and try to find herself. It’s important to try different things in life and find out what your path is.”

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