May 18, 2022 7:12 pm

Reactions to Novak Djokovic’s deportation sentence



The reactions to the deportation of Novak Djokovic have not been long in coming. From the player himself, who regretted the decision made by the Court, to the organizations involved in this situation.

«Tennis Australia respects the Court’s decision, ”indicates the organization before communicating that Novak Djokovic’s withdrawal will be covered by a ‘lucky loser’. “We are looking forward to a competitive and exciting Australian Open and wish all tennis players the best of luck.”

He too Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, ruled on the sentence: «The Justice has unanimously decided not to accept Novak Djokovic’s appeal that sought the annulment of Immigration Minister Alex Hawkes’ decision to cancel his visa.

The decision of this cancellation was established for reasons of health, security and public order, with the reason of the general interest. I welcome the decision to keep our borders secure and our country protected,” he said in his first words.

“As I said on Friday, the Australian public has made many sacrifices during this pandemic, and they have a right to expect that the result of those sacrifices will be protected. Together we have managed to have one of the lowest rates of deaths, maintain one of the strongest economies and have the highest percentages of vaccination in the world. Strong borders are essential to maintaining the Australian way of life as well as a force of law. Our government has always understood it this way and has been prepared to take the necessary decisions and actions to protect the integrity of our borders. Now it’s time to start the Australian Open and get back to enjoying tennis in the summer.”

The Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP) has indicated the following: «The decision to maintain the cancellation of Novak Djokovic’s visa puts an end to a series of deeply regrettable events. Ultimately, the decisions of judicial authorities on public health must be respected. More time is needed to take stock of the facts and learn from the situation.”

Regardless of how it got to this point, Djokovic is one of the greatest champions in our sport and his absence at the Australian Open is a loss for tennis. We know how difficult these days have been for Novak and how much he wanted to defend his title in Melbourne. We wish him the best and hope to see him back on the slopes soon.” And ends with a “The ATP continues to strongly advise all players to get vaccinated».

extenists like Mats Wilander, and now a Eurosport commentator, have also given their opinion: “I am surprised. I give Novak all the credit for trying, but at the same time he knew that this possibility existed as he was not vaccinated. Do I think it’s fair? I think it is fair. Millions of people have died from coronavirus around the world. Australia was in lockdown for a long time. The Australians have suffered physically and mentally, just like everyone else, and I think Novak tried everything he could.”

On what the Serb may be feeling, he said: “I can’t imagine the state of mind that Novak is facing right now. It’s also his favorite tournament, one he’s won nine times. Y he was trying to win his 21st Grand Slam, a chance to get ahead of Federer and Nadal. The players believe they can beat Djokovic. But he is a warrior. He will go home, train and get ready for the fast track. The big question is whether he will be able to travel around the world. Will you have to get vaccinated? His career is on the line and he may have to do something he doesn’t want to.”

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