May 17, 2022 2:56 am

Panorama. Postcards from a summer that puts us to the test

Everything can be understandable. The weariness due to the pandemic that does not end, the frustration, the accumulation of too many days of confinement, lack of encounters, friends, skin. It can be understood that you only have twenty years once, and only once does life really taste like new, parents are far away, the beach is nearby, and what better way to dance on the sand, fill your lungs with the sea, your ears with music , the body of desire.

Everything can be understood, and yet it is hard to accept that this photo was taken in the days when the cases of Covid-19 did not stop rising.

It’s summer and there must be few people left who don’t feel like flipping the chinstrap, forgetting about social distance and keeping the bottle of alcohol gel in the most forgotten of drawers.

It’s summer, everyone in this photo is supposed to have received at least two doses of vaccines. They are outdoors, which reduces risks. They are young, which is usually synonymous with feeling immortal.

Even so, and although the after beach it is something that, obviously, is not done in closed spaces; Although mass vaccination has reduced the virus’s ability to damage and although the omicron variant is more contagious than lethal, the photo makes noise.

The same one that produced another photo, also taken this week, more exactly last Tuesday, when the number of infections was around 134,439 people. That day there were cameras in front of a building located in Coronel Díaz at 1700, to cover the raid of an office where medical certificates were falsified to avoid vaccination.

The noises, in any case, are global. This is confirmed by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, who recently caused his own by referring to anti-vaccines with an unusually aggressive expression for his elegant standards.

It is a fact: the pandemic will not make us better; it will only continue to test us.

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