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Marcelo Longhi’s wife testified at the prosecution and provided the exrugbier’s computer

The wife of Marcelo Longhi, the former rugbier and president of the Municipal Club of Vicente López assassinated last Wednesday in Luján, declared today as a witness before the prosecutor of the case and provided a laptop of the victim that will be analyzed in search of clues about the possible perpetrators of the crime, judicial sources reported

Accompanied by the lawyer Alejandro Broitman, the woman gave a testimonial statement before the prosecutor Mariana Suárez, who is instructing the file. In turn, The computer that Longhi, 57, used in the club will be taken tomorrow to the city of Mercedes along with his cell phone to be processed by experts from the Technical Office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF).

Yesterday, relatives, friends and acquaintances of the ex-rugbier said goodbye to him with a funeral procession that left the Vilo club headquarters, located in Gobernador Vernet at 455 Vicente López, to the Olivos cemetery.

The remains of the president of the Municipal Club Ciudad de Vicente López, Marcelo Longhi, were buried yesterday in the Olivos cemeteryRaul Ferrari – Telam

The former rugbier was found murdered last Wednesday with a blow to the face and a broken neck inside a truck about 15 meters from the shoulder of a road near the Buenos Aires party of Lujan. According to the autopsy carried out by forensic doctors from the Chivilcoy morgue, Longhi died as a result of a maneuver that caused him to break his neck and did not show any gunshot or stab wounds.

In addition, forensic experts established that the victim had a blow to the face probably produced by a fist and that the date of death would be between 2 and 4 p.m. on Wednesday, January 12. For their part, the investigators commanded by prosecutor Suárez, from the decentralized Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 9 of Luján, worked to reconstruct Longhi’s last hours before his murder and analyzed the communications he had with the cell phone, which was kidnapped at the scene of the body’s discovery.

“We believe that two people participated in the crime, one who grabbed the victim from the front and another who broke her neck from behind,” a source close to the investigation told Télam, who, when asked if the perpetrators could be known by Longhi said that for now “no hypothesis is ruled out.”

Marcelo Longhi's body was found inside his truck
Marcelo Longhi’s body was found inside his truck

Regarding the last movements of the victim, the investigations determined that he loaded 5,000 pesos of gasoline at a service station in Pilar and that he later went through the highway toll of that party, where his gray Ford Ranger truck was taken by a security camera. security in which it is not possible to notice if he was alone or accompanied, added the informants consulted by Télam

The spokespersons detailed that the man left last Wednesday at 1:35 p.m. from his field located in the town of Tomas Jofré and went to the Navarro area with 180,000 pesos, money with which he planned to buy two steers and that was not found. in the shot, so they did not rule out the possibility that the crime was linked to a robbery.

Around 6:00 p.m., the president of the Vilo club, who also worked as an employee of the municipality of Vicente López, was found murdered in the box of his Ford Ranger, stopped between some pastures, about 15 meters from a rural road that intersects with Provincial Route 47, at the access to La Choza, on the border between Luján and General Las Heras, in the northwest of Greater Buenos Aires.

Initially, the investigations determined that the victim’s cell phone was inside the truck, which was last connected at 2:20 p.m. on Wednesday. Meanwhile, in the vicinity of the La Choza stream bridge, one kilometer from the place where the truck was found, traces of drag were found. For this reason, it is suspected that Longhi may have been the victim of an attack on that site and his body dragged to the bed of the truck, which was then moved one kilometer to the location of the discovery.

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