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Manuela Viale’s funny response to those who criticized her for not wearing a bra

In the last hours, Manuela Viale ironized on her Instagram account against those who criticized her for not wearing a bra while driving 100 Argentines say (the thirteen). Due to the absence of Dario Barassi, who is on vacation at an exclusive Mexican resort with her partner and her daughter, the actress was one of those chosen to replace him during some broadcasts.

After the shows he was fronting for aired, Different criticisms appeared against Viale because she chose to wear blouses without a bra. This aroused many opinions and even generated a debate on social networks between those who supported and those who criticized this decision. Far from being affected, the driver made a post and she was ironic against those who questioned her.

The new driver chose Instagram as the means to respond to the controversy. In one post, you can see three photos, the first two they show her in a lilac blouse, covering her breasts with her hands and making funny faces, which denote that he took the questions with great humor.

The photos shared by Manu Viale on InstagramInstagram @manuvialeok

In the third photo, she is also wearing sunglasses and looking very seriously to the side. “The last one is me after reading your comments about not wearing a bra in 2022″, he wrote in the footer of the publication, making it clear that they seem backwards to him.

The post got a lot of repercussion, to the point that it exceeded 12,200 likes and accumulated more than 200 comments, most of them in support of the famous. “You are beautiful no matter how you dress”, “I am more concerned about those who do not use brains” and “I bank you” were some of the responses that could be read in the publication.

Manu Viale's comment on Instagram
Manu Viale’s comment on InstagramInstagram @manuvialeok

Days ago, Viale had made another post about his driving in 100 Argentines say. On that occasion, he shared a collage of images with the expressions he had made during a broadcast and joked about it: “On this scale from 1 to 9 What Manuela are you today?.

Days ago, Manuela Viale was also in the news after sharing the tender moment in which Federico Freire asked her to marry him
Days ago, Manuela Viale was also in the news after sharing the tender moment in which Federico Freire asked her to marry him Instagram @manuvialeok

Beyond the discussion about Manu Viale’s clothing, many of the figures who were designated to cover Barassi’s place suffered mishaps both before and after recording.

The most notorious case was Faith Bal, who announced that he was infected with Covid when he returned from Mar del Plata and could not record the broadcasts that he had planned and for which he had been summoned.

Added to this, Flower Jasmine Peña had a serious accident on the road when he was going to Pinamar. Her car overturned, but luckily she and her passenger in the car were uninjured and not seriously injured.

Once it was confirmed that no one’s health had been compromised, Barassi recorded a video and joked about this situation:Che, what’s going on with the substitute friends of 100 Argentines? That one with Covid, that the other had an accident on the road. Loosen up I’m on vacationI can’t go back. Take care of yourselves.”

Darío Barassi 100 Argentines say vacationInstagram @dariobarassi

Another of the substitutes who suffered an inconvenience was Dani La Chepi, who had to isolate herself because she was a close contact with Pollo Álvarez. The difference with the previous cases is that the influence he had already come to record the broadcasts that corresponded to him.

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