May 18, 2022 8:52 pm

Luis D’Elía and the march against the Supreme Court of Justice: “We want the four judges to leave and never come back”

The social leader and picketer Luis D’Elia He spoke this Sunday about the march against the Supreme Court of Justice convened for February 1 by Kirchnerism and said that they are going to demand the resignation of the four judges: “We want them to leave and never come back. We must not kick anyone out, we do not need to resort to violence because we are assisted by reason and truth”.

It is an arbitrary judicial power, at the service of (Mauricio) Macri, (Héctor) Magneto and the United States embassy. The last thing they have done is abolish the controls. The Supreme Court intends to manage the Judicial Council with some of the decisions they have made. They are the ones who consolidated the political persecution in our country. Because we believe that we must shuffle and give again”, he argued in statements to Radio Rivadavia.

And I add: “The straw that overflowed the glass were the 60 videos provided by the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) where it was seen how the Cambiemos judicial table worked, where important members of the Buenos Aires Executive Power and judicial officials are organizing files and cases against trade unionists, social leaders and the political opposition. That is disgusting, a piece of crap that has to be finished immediately”.

Who is in charge of the call is the judge of the Oral Criminal and Correctional Court 29 of the city of Buenos Aires, Juan Maria Ramos Padilla, to whom, after detaching himself from the organization of the same, D’Elía added: “The march is called by Ramos Padilla and a series of judicial officials who gave testimony in all this. The Ramos Padillas have 50 years of acting in Justice. I in no way call for any march, I do adhere to what a prominent judge with an extensive judicial career proposes.”

The Supreme Court of Justice, about which D’Elía said that it must be “redefined”, is made up of Juan Carlos Maqueda, Carlos Rosenkrantz, Horacio Rosatti Y Ricardo Luis Lorenzetti: “The Supreme Court does not have women either. Some speak of 12 members, others of 15. It will have to be the powers of democracy that discuss a new court. But now with 52 political prisoners, this situation cannot continue. Alberto Fernandez has made enormous efforts. The last was to request the commutation of the sentence of Miracles Rooms who is unjustly detained for six years today.”

The piquetero leader is on probation after being sentenced for the seizure of the 24th police station of the Argentine Federal Police in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca in 2004. His sentence ends on November 24 of this year, but he trusts that the Inter-American Court of Human Rights will annul the processes against him: “My case is proven with cable 1222 from WikiLeaks in which the former United States ambassador Vilma Martínez asked Macri for my arrest, that I go to jail. This Supreme Court, despite the cable, ratifies the sanctions against me, not going into the file. It was a political maneuver.”

Supreme Court. Juan Carlos Maqueda; Carlos Rosenkrantz; Horacio Rosatti; Ricardo Luis Lorenzetti

Lastly, he maintained that they want an “independent justice” with “strong popular controls” and that, for this, “we will have to sit down and talk”.

The march, which had the support of President Alberto Fernández, was called amid tension between the Executive and the Judiciary. Kirchnerism sectors promote mobilization in social networks under the slogan #1FMarchamosALaCorte.

The demonstrators call themselves for Tuesday, February 1 at 6:00 p.m. in Plaza Lavalle, in front of the Palace of Courts in the City of Buenos Aires.

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