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Latest sports news for today Sunday, January 16



The latest news today, in the best headlines of the day that ABC makes available to all users. All the news of Sunday, January 16 with an exhaustive summary that you cannot miss:

Copa del Rey: Scandal at Villamarín: Betis-Sevilla suspended for throwing a stick at Jordán

40th minute of the game. One tie on the scoreboard. At Benito Villamarin, what looked like half of the ‘stick’ of a flag flies from the stands and hits the head of a Sevilla player, who falls round to the pitch. Is Joan Jordan. He puts his hands to his head, rubs, scratches, hurts. Teammates and rivals swarm around the Sevilla player. In the stands they discuss whether it is a stick or a metal bar, it seems that neither one thing nor the other, it would be said that it is a tube of that plastic material to which the flags are attached.

It is already in the hands of the referee. De Burgos Bengoechea has the object in his possession. The medical services verify that Jordán does not suffer significant damage.

The fracture that leaves Djokovic

Little has been said about tennis during the last two weeks, despite the fact that the Australian Open will begin this Monday morning (Spanish time), a tournament marred this edition by the Djokovic case, which has changed the courts for courts and the retention points.

Suspended the Seville derby for throwing a bar at Joan Jordán

Ancelotti’s jokers

Lucas is 30 years old and Nacho turns 32 next Tuesday, but they are still often called homegrown players. With success, obviously, because they are and always will be. That is not debatable. The strange thing about doing it still is because of his age and time at the club. Normally, the term canterano is used frequently in the initial years of stay in the first team of a footballer raised in the lower categories of that entity. With the passage of time, and left behind and at the age of acne, the nicknames evolve and that of youth squad disappears, but this is not the case with Lucas or Nacho. They have never been undisputed starters and, surely, that role has made their status as academy players remain over time, but they have never been uncommitted or undisciplined substitutes, quite the opposite. His professionalism is exemplary and his performance, indisputable. Tonight, except for Alaba’s last-minute recovery, they will make up 50% of Madrid’s defense in the Super Cup final against Athletic.

Prestigious victory for Spain against the world runner-up

From video games to the Formula 1 quarry

At this time two of the most brilliant stars of Formula 1, Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen, are competing in a simulation race that evokes the fascination and magnetism that this type of race has for a certain generation. It is the Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans, simulators scattered around the world that lead Alonso y Verstappen along with other great surnames in motorsports, the Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya or the Spanish Álex Palou, winner of this year’s IndyCar. The seduction and growth of eSports has translated these days into a leap in time. A driver from the virtual world, the Turkish Cem Bolukbasi, crosses over to the hemisphere of reality and will progress to Formula 2, the quarry of Formula 1.

Joan Jordán will be in “home observation” after a “cranioencephalic trauma”

Sevilla condemned the “violent act” suffered by its player Joan Jordán and reported that he was taken to a hospital after suffering the impact of an object thrown from the Benito Villamarín stands, diagnosed with a “head trauma« for which he will be under observation for at least 24 hours.

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