May 16, 2022 1:17 pm

Julian, what he says

In the absence of Rociito, Julián is good. On Telecinco they also call docudrama ‘It’s not time for revenge, it’s time for truth’. An interview and archive material. With the luxury set that they also glossed over for Rocío Carrasco. Although there is no gas light here. Presented by a makeup Joaquín Prat and with Paloma García Pelayo (author of the interview), Rosa Villacastín, José Manuel Parada, Ángela Portero, the photographer Lalo Álvarez and Pepi Valladares. A ‘dream team’, go. Porter said that Muñoz has cashed. What a surprise. A corrupt politician who speaks, above all, of Pantoja. A decrepit man with teeth that would glow in the dark. Decrepit, but better that look… See More

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