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Jeff Yagher, the actor who achieved fame with V: Alien Invasion and became a miniature sculptor

Jeff Yagher was part of V, Alien Invasion, the science fiction story that became a resounding success in the early 1980s and over the years it became a cult series. The actor put the body to Kyle Bates, an attractive motorcycle racer and member of the Resistance who made millions sigh for his gallant demeanor and his idealism. With fans around the world and an encouraging future in the entertainment industry, Yagher he had everything to become a new icon of film and television.

However, none of that happened and after lose the role that later launched Johnny Depp to fame He ended up achieving recognition in another branch of the arts: sculpture.

Jeff Yagher with Jennifer Cooke and future Freedy Krueger, Robert Englund, in V: Alien Invasion

Jeffrey Yagher was born on January 18, 1961 in Lawrence, Kansas., but at age 9 he moved with his family to Centerville, Ohio. Interested in the arts from an early age, he studied at the Dennison and Ohio theater schools until he won a scholarship to the prestigious Yale School of Drama, from which figures such as Paul Newman y Meryl Streep. The experience was short-lived: after a year of studying, he decided to move to Hollywood.

Fame surprised him in his first job: In 1983 he was summoned to be part of the cast of V, Alien Invasion. For two years he entered the house of viewers from all over the world who, gathered around the television, they made the broadcast of each chapter a ceremony. Later, he landed roles in series such as Magnum, The unknown dimension Y Hotel, until in 1987 he had the opportunity to consecrate himself definitively, but something went wrong.

With the idea of ​​filming an action series for Fox about a squad of police officers whose job it was to infiltrate the youth world and carry out undercover missions, Patrick Hasburgh and Stephen J. Cannell began looking for young talent. The main role fell into the hands of Yagher. With the pilot ready, the directors sat down to go through the material again and found all the performances to be perfect, all but his. the series was Special command and the rest of the story is known: Yagher lost the lead role and Johnny Depp played Tom Hanson, the leading man that brought him to the center of the Hollywood scene.

Jeff Yagher has a long career on television and a negative milestone: having been left out of Special Command
Jeff Yagher has a long career on television and a negative milestone: having been left out of Special Command

Yagher’s career as an actor never achieved success equal to that of V. His filmography includes participation in series such as Freddy’s Nightmares, Tales from the Crypt, Crime Reporter, Seinfeld, The Interns, Seventh Heaven, Star Trek: Voyager, Walker Texas Ranger, Alias, Six Feet Under, Bones Y C.S.I. Far from lamenting lost opportunities, Yagher took advantage of the free time on the sets and potholes between jobs to make his dream come true: to become a amateur miniature sculptor.

Jeff is not the only Yagher in the entertainment industry: Kevin, his younger brother, is a renowned special effects director. Among his most famous works is the makeup of Freddy Krueger, Chucky and the aliens from Cocoon. Through a post on his Instagram account in 2017, the FX expert was in charge of telling the world what his brother was up to.

“My brother, Jeff Yagher, is an actor, but he is also an amazing freelance sculptor i have used throughout my career in makeup effects“, wrote. “His main job now is sculpting incredibly detailed collectibles for companies like Side Show Collectibles. If you ever need an outstanding sculptor who is an expert in likeness, contact him.” But how did Jeff Yagher’s passion for miniatures begin?

According to the specialized film site IMDB, the spark that ignited the actor’s hobby was the original film of Frankenstein, filmed in 1931. “My parents took me to see it and that was it! I loved. I didn’t just want to act, I wanted to learn makeup to make such a fantastic creation.”

Within the framework of the 2006 edition of the WonderFest, a sci-fi, horror and comics model contest that brings together fans of the field every year, Jeff Yagher not only exhibited several of his most important works but also shared in an interview the story of his passion for miniatures.

“I have been a sculptor for 20 years”, began his story through a video he recorded standing in front of his stand. Then he remembered that he started with the Aurora brand kits to assemble models of monsters and fictional characters, and that he could spend hours with his father in the family kitchen building figures.

The beginning of Yagher’s career as a sculptor, however, came on a television set thanks to his work as an actor. “We spent a lot of downtime in the trailers and instead of sitting down to chat or read, one day I decided to do a bit of sculpture. At that time I thought about trying my hand at model making”, he reviewed and continued: “I discovered that there was a real hunger for figures that I did not know, that there were a lot of guys out there like me, real enthusiasts”.

His first sculpture was a small resin figure LW 101 based on the film The Curse of the Werewolf. They just saw her in Kit Craft, a well-known specialized store, put it up for sale and at one hour it was gone. The same thing happened with the next ten. “We knew almost immediately that there was a market for these kinds of jobs below the surface of society hiding in their basements,” Yagher said.

Today, the actor V: alien invasion He is a renowned sculptor and the responsible for hundreds of limited edition kits that many fans and hobbyists treasure on shelves and in display cases. His favorite subject, shot through with the memory of that family kitchen, is still the classic movie monsters in the style of the Aurora kits of the early 1960s. And acting is still present in his life: He is married to actress Megan Gallagher -with whom he has twins- and is the brother-in-law of the also actress Catherine Hicks.

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