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Ivana Nadal’s anger for not being able to stay in the United States: “Someone denounced”

Ivana Nadal started 2022 with a completely renewed life in Miami, U.S, city to which moved in with her boyfriend, Bruno Sirito look for new opportunities. However, in the last few hours it became known that of model e influence You must return to Argentina because your visa was canceled.

In a post from the end of December of last year, Nadal celebrated his drastic change of life with a series of photos from his brand new house and some words in English: “New feellings… new home” (in English, “New feelings, new home”). At the end of the message, he added the emoji of a palm tree, the typical tree of this tourist destination much chosen by Argentines.

Ivana Nadal

Even before traveling, determined to leave her past behind, Ivana he put his apartment up for sale in the province of Buenos Aires. To give impetus to the notice of the real estate agency in charge of the operation, he replicated it in his account Instagram. But nevertheless, a detail of the publication caught the attention of his followers, who did not let him pass an error and it went viral in a matter of hours.

“Very good days. I wanted to tell you that my apartment located in Olivos is for sale. Three blocks from Unicenter and General Paz”, famous wrote. And users filled her with criticism for the alleged location. “I never saw the Unicenter so close to General Paz, but well, it must be when it vibrates high”; “Three blocks from Unicenter and General Paz? Did they put wheels on the Unicenter to bring it closer to General Paz? “Three blocks from Unicenter and three from General Paz? Something does not close me. Could it be that they have changed the name of the Panamericana?”; were some of the comments that the publication received.

Ivana Nadal published the notice of sale of her apartment in Olivos and her followers did not let her pass the error
Ivana Nadal published the notice of sale of her apartment in Olivos and her followers did not let her pass the errorInstagram ivinadal

Regardless of the criticism of his followers, the model took a plane to Miami with her partner and settled in the vicinity of Haulover Beach Dog Park, a beach area of ​​more than 72 hectares. However, the plans changed radically as a result of information that became known in the last few hours.

Ivana Nadal had made the decision to leave the country and move to Miami, United States
Ivana Nadal had made the decision to leave the country and move to Miami, United StatesInstagram

the journalist Marina Calabro pointed out in his radio column Miter that the influence received an e-mail from the Embassy of the United States in Argentina informing him that his visa was canceled. “Ivana Nadal was recently on the beaches of Miami and the portals released information that she was disarming positions in Argentina, selling her apartment, her car and belongings, because he was going to settle in Miami”, explained Calabró and added: “Well, there are an audio that we have exclusively”.

Marina Calabró revealed the reason why Ivana Nadal should return from the United States

In the voice note you can hear the model’s assistant, in charge of solving the sudden inconvenience, who begins by asking: “By any chance do you know someone who works at the United States Embassy here in Argentina?” And continues: “Ivana had her visa canceled, she received an email on Friday, it seems that someone denounced, apart from all the media, that she was living there and that she had put all the things here for sale. And nothing, that’s a lie because we’re here and she has her house and everything.”

“Yes, he is in the process of selling, but everything is still in his name. We do have plans to go there but applying for a talent visa, all legal the assistant clarified. And now this would be shit for us… a little bit all because if she doesn’t get the visa again or we can’t process another quickly, everything we had planned to do in a month is cut short. And they never reply to the email they sent her, and she would like to defend herself, present all the things, say that she is here and that she is not doing anything illegal and that she was there for the corresponding time, “he explained.

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